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We leverage the power of film to help you connect to the people that matter in a deeply human way, making them feel, give, act, change and mobilize. Because people are inspired by stories about people. We hope you’ll be moved by some of the inspiring brand videos below, and if you’re ready to show the world your organization’s human face, give us a call.

Washington and Lee University

The Challenge: How to harness the unique character and meaning of the Washington and Lee experience to energize its alumni in support of a half-billion-dollar capital campaign....(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe’s video sprung from thorough research that disclosed that university alumni are deeply proud of their school's Southern roots and its long history in the story of America. Alumni have a real affection for the physical presence of the campus and its buildings, especially the line of historic buildings known as the Colonnade....(more)

The Result: Tribe highlighted the beautiful campus and utilized the song “Shenandoah,” which has significant meaning for W&L alumni, to create a video with a deep emotional resonance for viewers. It is no surprise that this inspiring video tribute to a beloved institution was the top prize winner at Cannes....(more)

Celebrate Montefiore Gala

The Challenge: Premiering at the hospital’s annual gala event, this video needed to inspire joy, celebrate healing, and prove to donors that Montefiore’s world-class expertise and advanced level of care is truly changing lives. With a focus on Orthopedics and Rehabilitative Medicine, this video aimed to capture the energy and spirit of the hospital’s providers and the deep bonds they form with their patients....(more)

Tribe Solution: While medical expertise and state of the art treatment deserved attention, we knew that the stories that would inspire donations were closer to the heart. So, the casting process was key. After speaking with the physicians and their patients we focused on the relationships they forged, the respect and gratitude that developed during their care, knowing that those emotions would light up the screen and propel their stories....(more)

The Result: By incorporating testimonials from doctors and patients, this hopeful and good-humored brand video about cancer, heart health, and physical therapy shows the positive impact of Montefiore’s work in order to inspire donors to contribute. The video was shown at a fundraising event where over a million dollars was successfully raised in one night....(more)

Franklin & Marshall

The Challenge: F&M needed to motivate prospective students [and parents] to take a closer look at the College by visiting the College, researching the College on the web, and applying for admission....(more)

Tribe Solution: One of a dozen videos we produced for F&M, this general recruitment piece is fast-paced, showing students motivated by F&M to go beyond their expectations, engaging in academic pursuits, practicing sports, rehearsing music, enjoying the variety of campus activities. We put the prospective student in the middle of an active and vibrant community. Academy Award-Winning Buddy Squires shot footage with a vèritè approach, capturing spontaneous moments and remarks from students and faculty. Our second Director of Photography, Zurich-based Michael Spindler, focused on capturing the beauty of the campus, the positive presence of Lancaster, and in-depth comments from the College community....(more)

The Result: Tribe created a quick-paced & compelling video that shows the wide range of academics and extracurriculars that F&M has to offer. This video was the centerpiece of their recruiting efforts, and was both shared online and shown at the admissions office to prospective students....(more)

Hamilton College

The Challenge: Hamilton College was in the planning stages of celebrating its 200th anniversary and a new capital campaign. The College needed a video to both launch the campaign and commemorate its proud history....(more)

Tribe Solution: We first researched the public face of Hamilton, visited the College, toured the campus, met with administrators, and held focus groups. We found: Hamilton has a history of a rigorous writing and speaking discipline. There exists a body of writings created by a member of each graduating class for presentation at their 50th reunion, each reflecting on what undergraduate life was like half a century before. These are called the Half-Century Annalist Letters. Graduates and undergraduates alike take pride in the College's beauty, its remote location, its close-by Adirondack wilderness, and tough winters. There is a palpable sense of ‘place’ that Tribe needed to capture....(more)

The Result: The video was so well received for Hamilton’s new capital campaign that the admission office also employed it as a recruiting video. It became a valuable tool that helped to increase the amount of quality admissions applicants....(more)

Reed College

The Challenge: This highly selective, wonderfully quirky College in Portland, Oregon, was completing its Centennial Campaign and wanted to thank the donors, primarily alumni. Reed alumni are less interested in nostalgia than in how their alma mater is continuing to transform to meet the changing educational needs of the College's future....(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe needed to show that alumni actions have an impact, to transport alumni to the campus in a visual way, and to show how the campus and the College continue to transform and advance....(more)

The Result: Our video production agency showed the direct impact that alumni generosity had on the Reed community and helped alumni feel ownership in the future of the institution. Student and professor testimonials provide alumni a direct look at the people their contributions support....(more)

University of Vermont

The Challenge: Many institutions promise a vibrant campus life and great interaction with the surrounding community. UVM delivers this. How to personify this in a video?...(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe produced four videos for UVM. For this one, we worked with a local musician using his song ‘The Light Inside’ to personify the spirit of UVM and connect the viewer emotionally with the school and Burlington....(more)

The Result: Our video production team made a music video that energetically shows the free-spirited nature of the student body. This particular video went viral, earning tens of thousands of YouTube hits....(more)

Montefiore – Jan’s Story

The Challenge: Located in the Bronx, Montefiore Medical Center can be perceived as a second choice to the prestigious cancer centers in Manhattan. Our challenge was to showcase the hospital as a top choice even when faced with a most devastating diagnosis....(more)

Tribe Solution: We found Jan, a spunky and formidable woman who refused to back down in the face of pancreatic cancer. After considering her options Jan chose her treatment team at Montefiore because of their human touch. She turned over her trust to their deep knowledge and extensive experience and thankfully, she lives to tell the tale....(more)

The Result: A short, uplifting testimonial video that shows how Montefiore’s patient first approach has life-saving & life-changing results....(more)

Washington University in St. Louis

The Challenge: The University was planning to launch its $2.2 billion capital campaign. Most alumni remembered the place as a local St. Louis school. The University needed to show that a regional mid-western university had grown into the global institution it is today....(more)

Tribe Solution: Our research found a mid-western pride, an extraordinary continuity in University leadership, and an excitement in its reach beyond being perceived as a regional institution. Tribe created a series of strategic videos demonstrating how the University integrates meaningful experiences across schools and across graduate and undergraduate programs and how alumni and donors have shared in the growth of the institution....(more)

The Result: This short brand video gives an example of ground-breaking research that engages both graduate and undergraduate students. The result is an irrefutable look at how Washington University is at the cutting-edge of today’s science and technology research programs....(more)

Cornell College

The Challenge: This unique Iowa College's block schedule – its “One Course At A Time” – is only one of two such approaches to higher education in the country. Potential applicants and their parents are wary of something unfamiliar. Plus, the College is small and perceived to be in the middle of nowhere. What to do?...(more)

Tribe Solution: In a series of six videos, we focus on how immersed students are in their learning, how the College provides a myriad of off-campus courses around the world and prepares its graduates to hit the ground running as they go on to graduate school and their careers. This is the centerpiece video....(more)

The Result: An inventive brand video that does not shy away from showing Cornell College’s unique academic approach, but instead emphasizes why the block schedule is vital to student’s education and personal growth....(more)

Franklin & Marshall

The Challenge: F&M was welcoming a new President, Dan Porterfield, and wanted to introduce him to those who would not have the opportunity to see him often if at all – primarily alumni and those who would not interact with him on a daily basis....(more)

Tribe Solution: Since President Porterfield was an engaging, outgoing person, it seemed obvious to follow him around campus in various situations, filming him in a more informal, documentary style in order to find out what was on his mind and in his heart. The F&M community needed to trust him to lead, and to trust him, the community needed to know him – not just as its President, but also as one of its own....(more)

The Result: President Porterfield shines as a compassionate community leader, successfully establishing his leadership style, and connecting with alumni in this humanizing and engaging interview....(more)

Scripps College

The Challenge: This all-women’s College was about to launch its largest campaign in history. How to appeal not only to a very idiosyncratic alumnae body but also to parents and prospective donors beyond Scripps who are needed, given the small number of alumnae and with the College’s largest classes in the younger years with less giving potential....(more)

Tribe Solution: Working with Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design consultancy, we found that alumnae feel an intense ownership of their College and all its traditions. There is a “Scripps way”, yet Scripps women disagree about what that way is. These findings needed to inform the entire creative approach....(more)

The Result: Our video production team and Pentagram mutually developed a scripted video with multiple alumnae speaking directly to the camera. The final video has a no-nonsense attitude and a powerful forward-looking vision. The theme? “We Want More.”...(more)

Washington and Lee

The Challenge: “Remote”, “conservative”, “southern”, “lacking diversity”. That’s the impression many high schoolers have of W&L. Outdated reputations linger. How to show what the University is today?...(more)

Tribe Solution: 10 videos addressing a myriad of pertinent topics. The videos were scattered throughout W&L’s web site, on social media, and sent to prospects and secondary school counselors alike. Having done two campaign films for the University, we knew it well, and that’s the trick to getting strategic messaging right....(more)

The Result: This short brand video concisely presents W&L’s gorgeous location, strong sense of place, and the many advantages of being in and around Lexington, Virginia....(more)

Montefiore – The Taubs’ Story

The Challenge: As a compliment to the longer film played at the gala event, the hospital asked for short patient stories that could play on their website and social media channels. We had just about a minute to highlight their dedication and commitment to care, as well as the life changing benefits of orthopedic surgery for patients....(more)

Tribe Solution: Barbara and Joel Taub had a story of the deep respect and an emotional bond they formed with Doctor Corbelli through the course of multiple hip surgeries. Their love for each other and for life made their tale a pleasure to film....(more)

The Result: The patient’s testimonials about their surgeries emphasizes how Montefiore’s work changes lives. Even though the video includes serious topics like health and mobility, the Taubs’ positivity still brings a smile to viewer’s faces. This inspiring video was used as a key part of Montefiore’s fundraising efforts....(more)

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American Express logo
Our projects with this multinational financial services company include videos that supported CEO personal appearances, B2B marketing videos, talent acquisition videos and internal training videos for Code of Conduct.
BD logo
Work with this medical device technology company included CEO / employee communications videos, important post-merger communications, videos promoting ethics and compliance, and various interactive medical training videos.
BHP logo
This leading global resources company turned to Tribe for CEO leadership videos as well as corporate communications, specifically around change management and community affairs videos.
Colgate Palmolive logo
For over ten years we have collaborated with this global consumer brands company on videos for their legendary employee recognition program. This partnership has literally brought inspirational stories of outstanding achievement from every corner of the globe to the annual board of directors meeting in New York. Tribe also produced videos on corporate values, sustainability and culture for Colgate-Palmolive.
Hess logo
Our partnership with Hess Corporation started with a small internal communications video project that grew over the years to include Brand videos for the company website, investor relations videos, CEO communmications, talent acquisition videos and community affairs videos.
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Our work for this "big four" accounting firm has spanned decades and includes onboarding videos for HR, recruiting videos for both campus and experienced hires, leadership videos, ethics & compliance training videos and B2B marketing videos.
Merck logo
Our collaboration with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world focuses on corporate affairs videos, video of facility tours, and executive communications films.
Quest Diagnostics logo
We helped this clinical laboratory document an anniversary celebration on film, and worked with them on their investor relations videos, corporate and employer brand videos, and produced videos for HR talent acquisition.
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We've partnered with UBS Financial Services to create videos for client outreach, financial adviser support videos, and product and services marketing videos.

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