Tribe Video Production Cost and Process

Process and pricing

We believe no one needs a video.
What you need is a solution to a communication challenge.
We help you decide first if and then how video can help become a powerful tool in your communications toolbox.

Our guiding principles:

  1. We start by understanding your business goals.
  2. We work with you as a true partner to achieve those goals.
  3. We create the relevant, powerful stories that will achieve those goals.
  4. We keep a laser like focus on executional excellence throughout.

Here are some key Q&As  that will help you determine if Tribe is a good partner for you.

Let’s cut to the chase – what does it cost?

Like a custom-built home, pricing video production depends on your specifications and how much work you can or want to do on your own.

Some of our clients require only a single video to meet a specific communication need while others find that a series of multiple videos as part of a larger communications or marketing strategy is more useful.  We often suggest packaging multiple videos into one production to reduce cost per video. Broadly speaking, our prices start in the low five figures for a single video and low six figures for a series of videos.  Of course,  pricing depends on the scope, complexity and timeline of the project.

Why should I invest in corporate video?

According to a recent survey, 80% of businesses use online video as a marketing tool. Maybe that’s because a vast majority of people report a preference for receiving information via video than by any other format.

And it’s no wonder. Video is uniquely able to create powerful and memorable emotional connections – between you and your customers, and between members of your own tribe.

If video is not part of your communications toolbox, you’re missing an opportunity to tell the stories that resonate and motivate the people you need to reach near or far.

We believe that this is the true value of your investment.

With so many new video companies out there, why should I choose Tribe?

When we audit our clients, they invariably point to the tremendous value of a trusted partner with deep and deeply relevant experience.

Over the past 30 years, Tribe has worked in partnership with businesses varying in size from Fortune 500 to midsize to small. We have worked in a wide variety of sectors solving a range of communication challenges. According to our clients, our true competitive advantage is our unique business perspective and acumen, our experience, and our frictionless process and execution.

Working with a rock solid, reliable, and supportive video production team makes your life easier and helps you keep your focus on the big picture.

Can you briefly describe the Tribe process?

Our process is an essential part of your product. In general terms your video will be developed along the following path.

Discovery and Research:

We ask questions, listen and confirm our understanding of your brand, your vision, your particular challenges, your critical audience and your expectations for outcomes.

Story Creation:

Who’s at the center of your story? Who do we cast? This is where storytelling magic happens: proposals, concepts, treatments, and sample scripts and storyboards. Once the creative approach to your video is defined and approved we move into the production process:


We will review all of our prep work (which you’ve been included in along the way)  at a pre-production meeting with your team before shooting begins. This includes all the logistics and planning around your shoot, confirming schedules and expectations for the shoot day(s).

Production and Post-Production

We have mastered the art and science of filmmaking and specifically for businesses like yours: interview techniques, documentary approaches, scripted programs with actors, animation, music, sound, and more. We see these tools not as ends in themselves, but in service of the story YOU need to tell. Our years of experience make us fast, efficient on time and on budget.

During the editing process, we’re never satisfied with “good enough” – and we don’t think you should be, either.  We have your best interests in mind, and we are not done until you are happy. After delivery of your video or videos, we’ll archive your assets and be ready to help repurpose for future use, maximizing your initial investment.

How long will it take to make a video?

Yes, we have a video production process. However, every project is also bespoke. While a “typical” turnaround from idea to delivery is 10-12 weeks, we’ve worked on timelines as short as 24 hours for crisis communication videos, 4 days for a major M&A announcement and a couple of years for a major values film series. Because of our experience, we are more flexible, more nimble and therefore more efficient (read: faster and more often on budget!) than our competition.

Ok, where do we start?

We start with a conversation. You’ll have more questions for us and we’ll have a lot for you! So give us a call at 973-635-2660 or email us at

There are a lot of good things we can make together!

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