How An Internal Communications Video Can Solve Your Biggest Problems

Our brand films help our clients create clear, powerful connections with their current and potential financial investors and partners even when tackling complex subjects such as merger announcements and corporate restructuring. We have crafted online annual video reports focusing on emerging and international markets and created ‘Year-In-Review’ films for our clients to share with their investors. The five investor relations videos below illustrate some of this work.

“Symphony” Stanley Black & Decker (Annual Report Film)

The Challenge: How to illustrate the global, yet everyday impact of Stanley Black & Decker across its full industrial portfolio.

Tribe’s Solution: Humanizing the impact of SB&D’s industrial tools, hardware and services was the trick. Tribe created this emotional connection through a concept, script and brand film that shows how the rhythms of everyday lives are enriched by the brand. The expanse is global. The vibe is deeply personal.

“Twice As” Activis (Catalyst/Merger Film)

The Challenge: Communicate the culture, global strength and opportunity of the Watson & Actavis merger to the newly combined workforce, the media, investors and stakeholders around the world.

Tribe’s Solution: Tribe assembled an international team of talent to create – from script to global production to final edits – two company merger announcement videos that humanized all aspects of the new company. The global span and all-inclusive nature of the content ensured broad representation and the greatest possible connection between the newly merged workforce and its now unified company.

“The Promise of Emerging Markets” (Stanley Black & Decker Investment Thesis Film)

The Challenge: Capture the epic nature of a global transformation affecting the design, build and distribution strategies in every growth and emerging market worldwide, while demonstrating the tangible, human elements of SB&D’s strategy.

Tribe’s Solution: Tribe and its web design partner, Ideas on Purpose, worked together to tell this story in four parts, capturing original footage from across Asia and incorporating previous footage shot in South America, Europe and North America to represent every emerging marketplace. The story in the video made the company’s strategic goals understandable on a human level, and it is told compellingly in a mobile-friendly package.

“Brazil” Stanley Black & Decker (Post-Merger Annual Report)

The Challenge: Bring this global, diversified industrial enterprise to life in its first year post-merger.

Tribe’s Solution: Integrated, strategic video storytelling was an essential, purposeful component of the online Annual Review. We found and told authentic, human and compelling business narratives to connect with employees, the public and even the most cynical investors.

“Industrial” Stanley Black & Decker (CEO Welcome Message)

The Challenge: Introducing several senior leadership team members to the investment community.

Tribe’s Solution: Through pre-interviews and extra time in pre-production, we identified key questions that would elicit authentic and unscripted answers in this CEO and executive leadership video message in order to instill confidence in investors with regard to SB&D’s leadership as well as its corporate strategy.

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