You want a stellar video. Stop browsing and talk to us. It’s as easy as…

1. Scheduling a Meeting

This is a meeting and NOT a sales call. Our goal is to clarify IF video can help you with your communication challenge(s) and if so, how.

In 25 minutes, you’ll have answers to four questions:

  1. What do I need my audience to think, do, say, feel, buy, or buy into?
  2. Is video the best medium for us? If so…
  3. How do we “buy” a corporate video?
  4. What should we expect for the amount we have budgeted?

OUR GUARANTEE: If we don’t think you need a video, we’ll tell you straight up. If we believe Tribe can help you get the results you want, we’ll explain how.


2. Sending Us an Email

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3. Calling Tribe Pictures

(973) 635-2660

I can’t thank you and your team enough for delivering on what could have been the impossible — thank you for making us look so great.


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