Employee Recruitment Videos Tailored To Your Business

Your company only has one chance to make a positive first impression on job hunters who are looking to work with a business that seems like the right fit. An employee recruiting video allows your company to send a clear message about your goals and values. Recruiting videos for HR departments can communicate what it looks and feels like to work at your corporation, answering for potential hires the question of who you are, not just what you do. A great recruitment video that gives the audience a lens into what it’s like to be a part of your organization goes infinitely farther than the text of a job posting ever can.

Make your employee recruitment video stand out from the pack by personalizing your message. Employee testimonials allow you to put your best and brightest on camera to share their personal experience of working for your company.

This accomplishes two things: it acknowledges certain employees for their work ethic and excellence, and it allows you to show potential employees exactly what kind of candidates you are seeking and what makes someone successful at your company/in a particular position.

To win the war for experienced talent, clients like KPMG, BASF and HESS work with Tribe to develop stories to recruit and retain their most important asset: people. Our process captures on video what your company culture is like and why your business has a unique, exciting, productive work environment. If you’re looking for recruitment video ideas, these companies’ intro videos for attracting talent might help inspire your vision for your own.

BASF wanted a recruitment video that was more about professional chemistry than field procedure. To give job seekers a true view of what it was like to be a part of the BASF team, Tribe helped them produce a documentary-style, day-in-the-life-of company film that follows a particular employee as a case study for viewers:

What is Your Business’s HR Story?

Communicating values in video brings your story to life. It shows “values in action” and emphasizes the impact on an organization and its workforce. Creative videos can help companies recognize their employees, support morale, reduce turnover, and increase employee engagement. A recruitment video project crafted and created with the right strategies won’t only attract job seekers, but it will remind your employees and others who helped with the project why they call your company their professional home.

To create the best recruitment videos, Human Resources needs to capture the essence behind what it’s like to be an employee there, and they need to do it by highlighting your company’s human resources. Corporations aren’t faceless organizations; they’re businesses built and run by people. Knowing your company’s story and letting a corporate video producer help you best tell it will bring you people who want to belong in your story, strengthening your company’s identity as new people come on board.

Hess wanted a recruitment video that showed potential employees the potential of a career at Hess. Through employee testimonials, candid workplace shots, and Hess professionals discussing the most important values of their teams, Tribe helped them create a piece that is just as much a company culture film as it is a recruiting tool:

Use Video to Connect Candidates with Company Values

Video allows your potential employees to put a human face to your company. A recruiting video is a great way to present your company’s leadership to viewers and allow them to share their mission and vision for the future. Putting your CEO or other leaders on camera is a way for recruits to connect with your company’s ideals and goals, and inspire them to reflect on what they may be able to contribute to your organization.

And a great employee recruitment video should also double as a promotional video for your business. It has been shown that videos on LinkedIn’s platform receive three times more engagement than a traditional text post. Use this to your advantage, and make sure to incorporate a great employee recruitment video on social media to reach far more people than a traditional job posting.

KPMG wanted a recruiting video that married their impressive growth statistics with their growth-focused company culture. Tribe’s team used upbeat music, dynamic shots, and testimonials from employees combine to show job seekers that KPMG is not only inclusive, but invested in nurturing professional growth on an employee-specific level:

Tribe: Inspiring Brands, Corporations, Employers & Employees

Top to bottom, every single person at your organization is integral to the success of your company. And this includes potential talent: without a consistent influx of new skills and points of view, your trajectory slows, and even the most dynamic company culture can deteriorate, taking your ambition and your ambitious employees with it. We help our partners create their best HR recruiting videos by getting to know the real story of what they stand for and where they want to go, and then helping bring that message to life via film.

People aren’t just driven by money; people are driven by cause. When your recruiting films create an engaging experience that tugs at something inside of the viewer, your company becomes something more than just a potential paycheck; it becomes somewhere to belong.

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Companies We Have Worked With

American Express logo
Our projects with this multinational financial services company include videos that supported CEO personal appearances, B2B marketing videos, talent acquisition videos and internal training videos for Code of Conduct.
BD logo
Work with this medical device technology company included CEO / employee communications videos, important post-merger communications, videos promoting ethics and compliance, and various interactive medical training videos.
BHP logo
This leading global resources company turned to Tribe for CEO leadership videos as well as corporate communications, specifically around change management and community affairs videos.
Colgate Palmolive logo
For over ten years we have collaborated with this global consumer brands company on videos for their legendary employee recognition program. This partnership has literally brought inspirational stories of outstanding achievement from every corner of the globe to the annual board of directors meeting in New York. Tribe also produced videos on corporate values, sustainability and culture for Colgate-Palmolive.
Hess logo
Our partnership with Hess Corporation started with a small internal communications video project that grew over the years to include Brand videos for the company website, investor relations videos, CEO communmications, talent acquisition videos and community affairs videos.
KPMG logo
Our work for this "big four" accounting firm has spanned decades and includes onboarding videos for HR, recruiting videos for both campus and experienced hires, leadership videos, ethics & compliance training videos and B2B marketing videos.
Merck logo
Our collaboration with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world focuses on corporate affairs videos, video of facility tours, and executive communications films.
Quest Diagnostics logo
We helped this clinical laboratory document an anniversary celebration on film, and worked with them on their investor relations videos, corporate and employer brand videos, and produced videos for HR talent acquisition.
UBS logo
We've partnered with UBS Financial Services to create videos for client outreach, financial adviser support videos, and product and services marketing videos.

Every company is different and has unique needs. We offer a wide variety of videos to answer any communication challenge. These are our specialties:

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