When the stakes are high, you deserve the best.

Meet Vern Oakley, veteran filmmaker, teacher, speaker and best-selling author.

Vern has worked for 35+ years with Fortune 500 executives, cultural icons like Andy Warhol, and legendary Hollywood directors like Arthur Penn.

He understands that the power of story, the need for authenticity, and the desire for connection are more important now than ever.

Vern has the unique ability to translate the left-brain strategy needs of business clients to the right-brain execution of his talented creative team.

As a result, his and Tribe’s films, documentaries, TV programs and commercials have garnered over 500 international industry awards.

I started Tribe Pictures half a lifetime ago because I loved making films and telling stories.

I learned early on that the stories that make a difference are the ones that move people. In business, that means moving people to take action. We’ve done that. We’ve told stories that have moved people to:

  • Take new jobs
  • Follow new leaders
  • Buy new products
  • Embrace new missions
  • Donate more than $8 billion to charities and other institutions

Whether we’re taping a single interview, or shooting a multi-part video series in locations all over the world, we get the job done. We move people to take action.

What action do you need your people to take?

Corporate videos don’t have to be boring or blah.

Let’s make one that…

  • Tells your story
  • Explains the “why”
  • Humanizes your company
  • Raises needed funding
  • Rallies your tribe

We’ll have your audience leaning in— not tuning out.

Can a video really move the needle? See for yourself…

When Actavis and Watson Pharmaceuticals decided to merge, everyone involved had concerns and questions.

We tapped into the optimism and commitment of their employees to inspire confidence and paint a picture of a brighter future together.

See how we’ve inspired other brands.

“Vern Oakley has raised the bar on corporate storytelling. His work connects with people in ways that build knowledge, belief and a human relationship.”

Director of Global Communications at a Global Energy Company

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“It’s one thing to understand the role of video in business communication, it’s another to know how to use video to solve actual business problems. Vern Oakley gets that.”


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