What Is A Brand Film?

Corporate video strategy for brand films is changing. More than an advertisement or promotion, brand films are a genre of corporate film unlike commercials on broadcast media. Unlike the average brand video, which usually pushes one basic message, today’s most effective brand films are stylized and carefully crafted pieces of media designed to entertain, inspire, and educate your audience.

Successful corporate brand videos require a rock solid partnership between your company and a creative corporate video agency that will take the time to learn about your brand and general marketing in order to help you incorporate a strong corporate video strategy. Marketing videos need to have cinematic-style production and meaning-based scripts that tell a story.

Corporate video producers known for crafting engaging brand videos that reap tangible results are a vital part of this. Your production partners need to understand who you are in order to properly convey it to your audience.

As video has moved away from broadcast, leaning heavily into digital modes of consumption like streaming and social media, communicating a brand’s identity has become more important than listing accomplishments or pushing products and services. As brands seek to establish a stronger internet presence and marketing strategies evolve online, video has proven to remain an effective method to disseminate your company’s message.

Company brand films are still marketing tools; they just require more finesse and a novel approach. The differences lie in what components are now most effective in building trust and interest in your company via brand films: meaning, compassion, stories, and relationships.

What Makes a Great Company Branding Video?

A great brand video can be shared on multiple platforms in its entirety, but can also be shortened into bite-sized content for reposting and refreshing your brand’s image in the minds of viewers. A series of brand videos can have a particularly good ROI for global Fortune 500 companies, as they can showcase branches in different countries and emphasize your company’s growth and impressive global reach.

Even in a corporate setting, social media is an effective tool to utilize in your company branding videos. Consider TikTok videos or Reels on Instagram. Your company can reach a boundless audience, and you can do it in bite-size pieces people see multiple times. It increases brand recognition, and the thoughtful, meaning-based production makes the video something they won’t just scroll past.

This concept is just as true with disseminating quarterly updates for investors or corporate values video for potential recruits. This kind of evergreen brand video marketing is an extremely cost effective way to get your brand’s message online and keep it relevant.

The best marketing videos for corporate organizations balance information and education with entertainment and emotional engagement, making the macro, micro – the collective, personal. They catch and keep the audience’s attention via meaningful stories and dynamic filming, and they are uniquely tailored to your company’s purpose, reaping tangible results and building trust in your brand.

Employer Branding Video

Tribe Solution: Driven by a voice track that is fun, informative and humorous we used a combination of stock shots and original cinematography pulled from the longer story pieces to portray an array of promising career opportunities at BASF....(more)

Tribe Solution: Driven by a voice track that is fun, informative and humorous we used a combination of stock shots and original cinematography pulled from the longer story pieces to portray an array of promising career opportunities at BASF….(more)

What Should Your Brand Film Include?

The key to making a rhetorically effective brand film is to focus on your company’s values and how they relate to the values of your target audience. Ideally, your video should also include a ‘call to action’ to inspire your viewers to share, like, or talk about your brand. A brand film needs to feel authentic and exciting so your audience is unlikely to forget your message.

Hallmarks of the best brand films include a creative, meaning-based video strategy that focuses on connecting with the audience – showing them you have shared values and shared interests. The best brand films are digestible, but long enough to tell a story, or at least part of one, if your marketing video project is a series of short films. Brand videos are about the audience just as much as they are about your company’s identity.

Two other vital pieces of any good marketing video is to communicate the impact you’ve had on your industry, and your goals for widening that impact. Position yourself as an entity that is moving towards the future, and inviting the audience to do so with you. Make business personal. Make connections. It builds trust in your company’s brand.

Consumer Engagement Video

Tribe Solution: Personalizing the impact of SB&D's industrial tools, hardware and services was the trick. Tribe created an emotional connection with a concept, script and film that shows how the rhythms of everyday lives are enriched by the brand. The expanse is global. The vibe is deeply personal....(more)

Tribe Solution: Personalizing the impact of SB&D’s industrial tools, hardware and services was the trick. Tribe created an emotional connection with a concept, script and film that shows how the rhythms of everyday lives are enriched by the brand. The expanse is global. The vibe is deeply personal….(more)

Production Strategy for Engaging, Inspiring Corporate Brand Films

An easy way to ensure your video production partners can really get to the root of who you are is by having pre-interviews with current employees as part of your video’s pre-production checklist. This will give your corporate video agency the most up to date look at how your company values are put into practice, and will help determine who should be interviewed and presented in the final cut of your video.

However, if you want to create truly inspiring brand videos, then you must make sure your videos show the ‘bigger picture’ goals of your organization by telling the emotionally moving stories of individuals. Cinema’s ability to forge empathy between a viewer and a subject should be utilized by brands as much as possible.

It is one thing to put a graphic up in your corporate brand videos that states how much money your company has donated to a charity; it is another experience for a viewer to watch an emotional testimonial from someone who has directly benefited from your company’s charitable outreach. Audiences love corporate entities whose brands include active work in social causes and sustainability. Companies who connect to a cause as a part of their brand identity will have more successful brand films than those who overlook this facet of company operation.

Creative Solutions for Inspiring Brand Films that Break the Mold

The Tribe Pictures team’s goal is to help our partners find creative solutions to industry obstacles, disrupting the pattern of traditional corporate branding videos with cinematic-style video production, scripts based in authentic storytelling, and scores that connect and enhance these two components.

Tribe understands that each company brand video should be as unique as the brand itself. This is why our video production style is all about getting to know who you are as a company. Finding the right strategy to get your message across in an engaging, meaningful way that doesn’t just mean catching the audience’s attention, but also sustaining their interest and making them want to be a part of your brand.

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Companies We Have Worked With

American Express logo
Our projects with this multinational financial services company include videos that supported CEO personal appearances, B2B marketing videos, talent acquisition videos and internal training videos for Code of Conduct.
BD logo
Work with this medical device technology company included CEO / employee communications videos, important post-merger communications, videos promoting ethics and compliance, and various interactive medical training videos.
BHP logo
This leading global resources company turned to Tribe for CEO leadership videos as well as corporate communications, specifically around change management and community affairs videos.
Colgate Palmolive logo
For over ten years we have collaborated with this global consumer brands company on videos for their legendary employee recognition program. This partnership has literally brought inspirational stories of outstanding achievement from every corner of the globe to the annual board of directors meeting in New York. Tribe also produced videos on corporate values, sustainability and culture for Colgate-Palmolive.
Hess logo
Our partnership with Hess Corporation started with a small internal communications video project that grew over the years to include Brand videos for the company website, investor relations videos, CEO communmications, talent acquisition videos and community affairs videos.
KPMG logo
Our work for this "big four" accounting firm has spanned decades and includes onboarding videos for HR, recruiting videos for both campus and experienced hires, leadership videos, ethics & compliance training videos and B2B marketing videos.
Merck logo
Our collaboration with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world focuses on corporate affairs videos, video of facility tours, and executive communications films.
Quest Diagnostics logo
We helped this clinical laboratory document an anniversary celebration on film, and worked with them on their investor relations videos, corporate and employer brand videos, and produced videos for HR talent acquisition.
UBS logo
We've partnered with UBS Financial Services to create videos for client outreach, financial adviser support videos, and product and services marketing videos.

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