The Best Corporate Culture Videos Tell Your Story with Clarity

If you’re shopping for a production company to create a culture video for your workplace, you should know exactly what you’re looking for first. A shallow dive into the internet yields hundreds of thousands of brand videos and company culture videos of all kinds and all qualities. Corporate America’s prolific and perpetual culture video creation trend tells us two things: (1) it’s crowded in here, and (2) not all corporate video producers understand what goes into creating an effective company culture film that both makes an organization stand out and attracts the best talent.

What’s in a workplace’s culture? By definition, culture has two inextricable characteristics:

  • It is defined by the sum of a group’s ways of life.
  • These ways of life are passed down through generations.

Now, it might seem as though we’ve just veered from the corporate video sector and into an Anthropology article. But if we tweak “ways of life” into “workplace interaction and procedure,” and switch out “generations” with “cohorts,” we’re right back on track. At their core, human beings are defined by their group. Those groups are defined by their unique ways of life, and then others evaluate those cultures to determine the desirability of a group. This is why some groups survive, and some don’t.

In business, your goal as a “group,” in this culture metaphor, is to not die out. And for that, you need to attract quality candidates to your company. But how do you put something as intangible as the workplace atmosphere created by the sum of a set of professional values and practices into a short but effective brand film?

Effective Corporate Culture Videos help Your Company Stand Out

Your enterprise needs that special something to bring you to the forefront when trying to attract new employees via video. That low drone of those hundreds of thousands of work culture videos can get loud. But an effective video will cut through, and it won’t have to work hard to do it. A video about your company’s values that is truly honest, transparent, and enthusiastic will drown out and transcend those obstacles, because truly affecting a viewer is different than simply getting them to watch your video.

The best company culture videos tell the viewer exactly who you are as an organization in a meaningful, authentic way that really captures the employee experience. They’re digestible, dynamic, engaging, and packed with information. An effective workplace culture video makes the viewer want to work for you. For that, your company philosophy first needs to operate on a theory of integrity, drive, cooperation, and care. From that, a video production company can work with you to find a way to properly reflect that theory and how it plays out in daily life via audiovisual media.

Videos about Your Work Culture Should be Transparent

Audiences are smart; viewers can easily tell when “candid” interviews with employees or “behind the scenes” clips are staged. Testimonials that testify too much or make positive claims about your company that are hyperbolic will have the opposite effect you want it to.

The entire point of a company culture video is to show the viewer, through a clear lens, what it’s actually like to be a part of your organization. And that’s not always pretty; it’s hard work and determination, overcoming obstacles and putting out metaphorical fires. Your company’s “About Us” video should reflect the complexity that is workplace culture; viewers appreciate a clear lens much more than a rose-colored one.

Company Culture Films Don’t have to Sacrifice Information for Approachability

On the other end of the spectrum, a culture video that is sterile and mechanical isn’t going to make your company an attractive option for quality talent either. Your transparency still needs to be approachable. Your bottom line might all come down to 1’s and 0’s, but the operation of your business doesn’t, and it can’t. Companies aren’t composed of numbers; they’re composed of people working together to create something more.

If you lean too hard into focusing on how much data you can pack into a workplace culture video, you’ll end up with a film that not only fails to engage potential candidates, but also turns them away. The easiest way to avoid this obstacle altogether is to work with a corporate video company who holds you to the transparency facet. Honesty is approachable. And honesty can include numbers and statistics, but it can’t be built solely off of them. With transparency comes approachability. With approachability comes interest and engagement.

Genuine Corporate Culture Videos Attract Genuine Candidates

Engagement means viewers will remember your company, because it’s somewhere with a relatable corporate culture of teamwork and community. A company culture video with 1000 statistics about how great your organization is will not get you results, as far as being an attractive potential employer. However, a video that frames workplace culture with ideas like weaving together testimonials, footage from a typical work day, the story of the company, the goals of its leaders, and a few important data points, never fails.

The point of a company culture film really is to fish for the best catch among a finite pool of potential candidates in a competitive hiring market. What an effective video highlighting your company’s corporate values does is create a filter for you as an employer. Since you’ve made clear who you are, candidates who share your organizations values and goals are going to respond. Your target audience might be wider, but the subsequent result of the best company philosophy films is smaller pools of interested talent that are higher-quality and in-line with the way you work.

A Corporate Video Production Company with a Culture of Authenticity

At heart, Tribe Pictures is a team of filmmakers telling people’s stories. Businesses are built and run and grown by people, and people respond to honest communication, mutual goals, and authentic stories. Our approach to company culture video creation is almost a kind of corporate anthropology. We get to know our clients – who they are, where they came from, where they’re going – and we partner with them to create something more than a company video.

Just like groups are defined by their cultural practices, so, too, are corporate entities. Our goal is to find a way to bridge the gap between that ephemeral human experience and the message your organization wants to get across. With a prolific portfolio of diverse and award-winning corporate films, we help our clients overcome and transcend the status quo of corporate videos to create truly meaningful projects with lasting effects and tangible results.

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Every company is different and has unique needs. We offer a wide variety of videos to answer any communication challenge. These are our specialties:

Brand Identity

Brand videos communicate who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Investor Relations

To engage your investors we’ll turn prose into pictures and ideas into images.

Employee Engagement

CEO messages, employee profiles, vision and value videos – we mobilize your Tribe.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Videos designed to communicate and reinforce corporate commitment to key social issues.

HR & Recruitment

In a competitive job market, our videos will help you hire the best and keep them.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As work environments change, videos inspire employees to move in the same direction.

Meet Our Chief Storyteller

Vern Oakley is a veteran filmmaker, teacher, speaker, and industry thought leader. Vern’s mission is to help institutions and business leaders authentically connect to and mobilize their tribes by crafting great stories that speak to the people who matter most.

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