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Create Welcoming Onboarding Videos for New Employees

Any employer knows that the employee onboarding and training process is a significant cost in time and capital. And with employee turnover being as volatile as it is in today’s market, welcoming and training processes for new hires need to be something special – not like the onboarding videos and paperwork they’ve done for every other job they’ve ever had.

Video has become a popular, nearly universal part of corporate introduction and communication processes for new employees, whether onboarding, training, or internal communications videos. Naturally, just as you invest in the satisfaction and well-being of your current employees, you should treat your new hires just the same. Invest in creating a truly engaging, welcoming film experience for your new talent by working with the right corporate video producers.

Why Your Company Welcome Video for New Hires Matters

Like we said – employee onboarding and training is an involved and costly process. Some employers fail to update or improve old welcome videos because of this; it costs a lot, and employee turnover is at a rate where they wonder, Is it worth it? We believe it is. In fact, for employers looking to save money on the onboarding process, effective welcome videos for the new members of your team can streamline employee introduction, saving time and money.

There’s also a scientific benefit of producing a high-quality company introduction video. Humans are visual creatures. It’s estimated that information absorption and retention of visual stimuli is processed over 50,000 times faster than text. Video information retention sits anywhere from 90-95%. And because audio can enhance that visual experience, when done correctly, utilizing a company welcome video not only saves you time and money, but it also increases the efficacy and consistency of your onboarding process.

What Should be Included in a Company Onboarding Video

Videos introducing new employees to your company’s culture and procedure need to perform several tasks at once. This makes it all the more important to partner with a corporate video production team that understands creative video strategy and knows how to tailor a welcome film to your company’s unique needs.

If you think about it, a company welcome video is a company culture video, meet the team video, CEO video message, and training video, all at once. And the potential of a video that does all this effectively will not only get you results in increased employee engagement and retention, but it will streamline company culture and procedure, and it will be easy to re-use and update as needed.

Important things to include in your welcome video for new hires:

1. Who We Are
Introduce yourself – literally. This is a great place to have the founder, partners, and/or CEO do a video message to welcome new talent to the team.

2. What We Do
Tell your new hires what it’s like to be a part of the company at-large, as well as what it’s actually like to work in the office day-to-day. You’d do well to include candid workplace shots and employee testimonial videos for this.

3. Why We Do What We Do
People are attracted to and inspired by shared values. What drives your company? What core values are important to how you operate as an organization, and what do you expect your employees to value?

4. What Our People Do
We have to get the core information into this company welcome film, after all. Introduce employees to standard procedures, processes, assignments, and ethical expectations. A good option here is to include cameos from other team members, or even a-day-in-the-life-of video clip.

5. Where We’re Going, Together
End your company welcome video on a positive note. Keep it focused but open-ended. You’ve told the story of your company and begun the story of your new hires in this video; there will be more stories to tell as they journey through their career at your company.

The key here, mechanically, is to integrate all these things seamlessly while keeping a short and digestible format. It has to be done in a way that’s informative, entertaining and engaging. If you can do that effectively, you’ll make employees feel familiar and comfortable with company hierarchy and process, and you’ll also make them feel engaged – like they’re immediately a part of the team.

Tribe Pictures: Production Partners to Help You Create Your Best Company Welcome Video

Our team of writers, directors and producers understand that even though every company welcome video for new hires needs a few standard things, no company intro video should be standard. Our clients’ stories, needs, wants, and styles all affect how we help them integrate the various aspects of their onboarding videos.

Every company’s culture is different, and you want your welcome video to show your new employees that they’ve got a special part to play in your organization. That means a welcome video that reflects the unique aspects of your company’s identity and its story. Tribe understands what goes into truly effective, creative corporate video production, and can help your organization welcome your new talent in a way that makes them want to stay with you for a long time to come.

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