Fundraising Videos to Inspire & Celebrate

Film has the power to bring people together to support a powerful cause. When you need to mobilize your tribe, use a video that informs your audience about your fundraiser and inspires them to act. Whether your fundraiser is for an academic institution or to fund research, video is an excellent way to “show, don’t tell” your story.

Video adds an emotional element that a story on paper just can’t beat. From a soaring piece of music to visuals that tug on heartstrings, so many elements enhance your message to reel in the viewer. You may also include interviews with fundraisers or those who will benefit from the funds. Interviews allow you to share your message while establishing a human connection with your audience. And when people feel connected to a cause, they will show up for your fundraiser with their support, time, and money.


Digital Video Reaches a Broader Audience

While a well-made video about your cause will make your fundraising website more exciting and informative, why stop there? Reach audiences on a wider scope using digital videos for social media. A fundraising video can quickly and concisely share the most important information with potential participants or current funders. And with the sharable nature of social media posts, your fundraiser has the best chance of reaching beyond your initial circle. And the more people your video reaches, the closer you will be to achieving your fundraising goal.

For NYC’s Montefiore Medical Center, Tribe used digital video to highlight individual patient testimonies to emphasize the real people that benefited from their campaign. The Taub’s Story accomplishes what any great pharmaceutical company video must—it markets the ways medical facilities improve the lives of people just like you.

Celebrate the Impact of Your Successful Fundraiser

Once your goal has been met (or hopefully exceeded), video allows you to share your success with your fundraising community. Use videos to thank key members of the campaign team, whose efforts and contributions deserve to be recognized. Testimonials from fundraising members as well as those who received the benefits of your fundraiser establish a human connection with your hard efforts. Visually engaging footage, skillful editing, and the right selection of music will make your celebratory video come to life. And when you can demonstrate the real-world impact of your fundraiser, you will continue the momentum to raise money and create change for future fundraising projects.

Mobilize Your Campaign’s Tribe

Tribe’s campaign films have helped organizations fundraise millions of dollars for their causes.

  • $135 million The Nature Conservancy
  • $35 million Manhattan Theatre Club
  • $20 million Paul Newman’s Boggy Creek Gang Camp

Clients we have helped humanize and mobilize:

American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
Amnesty International
Jersey Battered Women’s Service
Montefiore Medical Center
New Eyes for the Needy
Our House
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

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Every company is different and has unique needs. We offer a wide variety of videos to answer any communication challenge. These are our specialties:

Brand Identity

Brand videos communicate who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Investor Relations

To engage your investors we’ll turn prose into pictures and ideas into images.

Employee Engagement

CEO messages, employee profiles, vision and value videos – we mobilize your Tribe.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Videos designed to communicate and reinforce corporate commitment to key social issues.

HR & Recruitment

In a competitive job market, our videos will help you hire the best and keep them.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As work environments change, videos inspire employees to move in the same direction.

Meet Our Chief Storyteller

Vern Oakley is a veteran filmmaker, teacher, speaker, and industry thought leader. Vern’s mission is to help institutions and business leaders authentically connect to and mobilize their tribes by crafting great stories that speak to the people who matter most.

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