Why do leaders love to work with Tribe? We bring your vision into clear focus with films that get results.

Vern Oakley is a veteran filmmaker, teacher, speaker, and industry thought leader. Vern’s mission is to help institutions and business leaders authentically connect to and mobilize their tribes by crafting great stories that speak to the people who matter most.




Finding it a challenge to get everyone moving in the same direction? No problem. We can help you sharpen your vision and bring it to life.

At Tribe, we don’t just “do videos.” We tell stories that move people.

Tell your story.

Film has the unique power to touch people deeply.

For Montefiore Medical’s annual gala, we wanted to inspire joy, celebrate healing, and show donors how the hospital’s world-class expertise and advanced level of care is truly changing lives.

Mission accomplished!

See how we’ve enriched other brands.

“A huge thank you to the Tribe team for creating a top-notch video that achieves our objectives…. We really enjoyed the collaborative process and are so proud of the final product.”

VP of Investor Relations of a Manufacturing Company

Here’s how we create video magic for your company:

1. Discovery and Research

We ask questions and take lots of notes. We want to understand your brand, your vision, your particular challenges, your unique audience and your expectations.

2. Story Creation

This is where the storytelling magic happens. We develop concepts, write scripts and create storyboards. When – with your input – we hit on the right approach for your video, we begin the production process.

3. Pre-production

We review our agreed-upon plan at a pre-production meeting with your team before shooting starts. We discuss logistics, confirm shooting schedules and set clear expectations for your production.

4. Production and Post-production

At Tribe Pictures, “good enough” is never good enough. We’re “excellence fanatics,” and we’re not done until you’re happy. After delivery of your project, we’ll archive your assets and be ready to help you repurpose them for future use, maximizing your initial investment.

Interested in creating video magic for your company?

How much does this video magic cost?

Like a custom-built home, the price of a video production depends on what you want.

Do you need a single video to meet a specific communication need? Or a series of videos as part of a larger campaign or marketing strategy?

Broadly speaking, our prices start in the low five figures for a single video and low six figures for a series of videos.

Of course, the exact cost depends on the scope, complexity, and timeline of your project.

Regardless of the size of your project, here’s what you can count on:

  • You’ll get an accurate, flat-price bid upfront.
  • That price includes two rounds of editing.
  • We will tailor the production to your budget.









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“It’s one thing to understand the role of video in business communication, it’s another to know how to use video to solve actual business problems. Vern Oakley gets that.”


When you work with Tribe, you’ll get…