Consultants can Create the Best Strategy for your Corporate Video

A company’s investment in their video-based branding has become vital to successful marketing strategies in our visual-media-heavy society. On one hand, producing corporate films, whether for employee training, brand stories or testimonial videos, opens up opportunities that simply can’t be matched with static advertisements like image or writing. Video offers opportunity for a company to come face-to-face with their audience, virtually.

Utilizing creative video strategies in your film project results in videos that reach audiences effectively, and in a meaningful way; the results of which keep companies a step ahead of those who haven’t yet utilized corporate video production, or who “stay within the lines” when it comes to how the film is produced.

Corporate video production is a democratic way of distributing information, because video can be presented across time and space on many different platforms. This is positive, because it widens the platforms on which you can access your audience. But it’s also negative, because so many companies create brand films or corporate culture videos. This leads to the white noise of thousands of company videos that blend one to another. How do you ensure this doesn’t happen to your company’s video projects? Expert video production consultants.

The right consultants will have an experienced team of writers, producers and directors who are known in their fields for breaking the mold. Without a focus on the person-to-person aspect of business communication, even in the most institutional settings, your brand film will fade into the background; your audience might see and listen to your message, but they won’t really hear and absorb it.

The best corporate films come from production companies who focus on relationships and storytelling. That means a focus on their relationship with you as well as your desired relationship with your audience. Who are you? What story do you want to tell? What results do you want your message to produce? Having an experienced production partner who wants to learn who your company is before they try to tell your story for you is integral to effective and engaging company videos.

Creative Video Strategies for Corporate Film Should Focus on Humanity

If you were to ask us what the most important aspect of an effective corporate video strategy is, we would confidently answer: storytelling. Stories activate emotion and compassion in the audience, which is why attaching a message to a context makes it more impactful and, therefore, more memorable.

Oral tradition is how we’ve always communicated our most important stories, histories and messages. It’s how we’ve created, strengthened and maintained relationships – both personal and professional, and it’s how we’ve reached out past ourselves to engage new audiences. The best corporate video production companies understand the importance of this history of human storytelling, and are passionate about carrying the meaning-based, engaging oral traditions of time past into today’s corporate settings through modern channels via film.

Framing your message as a story lends humanity to the subject, which is integral, especially in information-heavy videos like pharmaceutical company brand films or a training video for new employees. There’s something about achieving that face-to-face feeling in a company film that humanizes the corporation, its partners and its employees. Without the personal engagement that comes from hearing real stories, company films can be boring and unmemorable. Your film falls back into that ever-present white noise of the thousands of others, and you miss your opportunity to connect with your audience.

But a creative strategy for your corporate video that showcases your intended message within a story – about relationships; about people – will increase audience engagement and trust in your company. When you make your company’s image human, you make your brand more accessible. Seeming human, being relatable, and communicating with a passion and honesty that engages an audience will strengthen the efficacy of the other major characteristic of an effective creative approach to corporate video: compassion.

Compassion Should Play a Role in Your Corporate Video Strategy

Many times, companies push aside the emotional aspects of a message for the informational aspects, fearing emotion might cloud the messaging. But the two aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, adding empathetic context to informational corporate films not only engages viewers in the moment, but helps them better connect with and retain the information.

An effective CEO video message to employees, for example, discussing new procedures implemented as a result of the pandemic, can become a meaningful, company-wide experience with video production that includes personal details of how COVID has affected company executives, or the CEO themselves, at home, outside of the workplace. People tend to remember personal information, because it’s relatable. And once you engage the compassionate side of your audience, your intended message becomes more salient and more meaningful.

Compassionate corporate video strategy works on all scales, from investor relations videos for startups to recruitment videos for corporate giants. And compassion does more than connect – it inspires. When a viewer feels the pull of meaning in a story, it becomes more than just a company video; it becomes a personal interaction between the viewer and the message.

Businesses that partner with a corporate video production company that utilizes human-focused, relationship-based creative approaches to institutional films will find the results are well worth the unorthodox approach. Instead of a stagnant video presentation full of information that seems to drone on, innovative writing and production strategies help you present a story that both you and your audience are a part of – together.

Your Production Partners Play a Large Part in the Success of Your Corporate Video

With the democracy of visual media as a vehicle for disseminating information, failing to explore creative and disruptive production strategies can render your project useless. Effective video requires a deep and thorough understanding of how and why video can motivate and engage its viewers. It requires a lot more than understanding the mechanics of script writing and lighting.

This is why the production partner you choose largely determines the success of your corporate video project. Companies don’t produce videos for entertainment – they’re tools, whether it’s internal communications messages like acquisition announcements, brand videos for recruiting new talent, or marketing films designed to overcome obstacles.

You need to ensure your production partners know how to optimize the efficacy of this tool so the message of your company video continues to resonate with your audience long after they’ve finished watching it. You’ll know you’ve chosen the right production team when your video project catalyzes tangible, long-lasting results. After all, tools are meant to build something that lasts.

The right production partner will work with you to create films that provide your company with a feedback loop of experience and results. That is to say, the corporate video producers should have the experience to get your company results, and in turn, your company should experience real results from your corporate video projects. And there is no boiler-plate outline for an effective company film. In fact, producing a cookie-cutter corporate video is a great way to sink back into all that white noise.

A Strategic Video Production Team who will Stay True to Your Brand

Tribe Pictures creates company videos for corporations, institutions, healthcare brands, universities, and any other entities looking to break the mold with their corporate video messaging. These core values of our production team: storytelling with humanity and compassion, collaborative creative video strategy, and results-focused film production, have made us a leader of innovation in the corporate film industry.

Our priority in every project is getting to know not only what our client wants to achieve, but to understand the deeper question of who they are. We help companies create innovative and inspiring corporate films that reach your audience in a meaningful way that far surpasses simply relaying the information of your message. Where other corporate video producers follow the well-worn path of traditional film-making, we forge a new path with every partner we work with.

All projects require a different creative video strategy, and every client deserves a company film that is as unique as they are. Business is business; but behind even the most institutional aspects of society are people. People want connection, authenticity and meaning. Tribe’s client-focused, creative approach to corporate video production has resulted in award winning company films that engage, inspire, overcome, and produce real results for our partners and clients.

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Every company is different and has unique needs. We offer a wide variety of videos to answer any communication challenge. These are our specialties:

Brand Identity

Brand videos communicate who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Investor Relations

To engage your investors we’ll turn prose into pictures and ideas into images.

Employee Engagement

CEO messages, employee profiles, vision and value videos – we mobilize your Tribe.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Videos designed to communicate and reinforce corporate commitment to key social issues.

HR & Recruitment

In a competitive job market, our videos will help you hire the best and keep them.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As work environments change, videos inspire employees to move in the same direction.

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Vern Oakley is a veteran filmmaker, teacher, speaker, and industry thought leader. Vern’s mission is to help institutions and business leaders authentically connect to and mobilize their tribes by crafting great stories that speak to the people who matter most.

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