Unsure About Your Company’s Compliance Training? Use Video.

The question those tasked with compliance or ethics training must ask themselves is how to make presentations that are both informative and entertaining, particularly when they are mandated? Compliance training can be a particularly difficult topic to tackle, as the rules depend on new policies and regulations that are industry specific and subject to change. This is where using video in your compliance training can take a lot of the burden off of presenters by covering the basics of compliance that are least subject to change, and thus freeing up your HR employees to only reiterate key points and discuss any recent updates in legislation or company policy in their training.

What Would This Compliance Training Video Look Like?

It is always great to include your leadership in videos meant for internal usage, as they can speak with authority about the importance of compliance training to the company. Another great option for compliance videos is to use animation and narration. Narration can set up an ethics issue while animation provides visual examples of the situation. The narrator can then work through the steps of how an employee should ideally respond in order to be in compliance, and the animation can even show ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways of handling problems. Animation is a friendly, non-judgemental medium to show employees what is expected without a negative intimidation factor. Making short, bite-size content that shows different regulations in different styles can also keep the audience’s attention while covering a lot of ground, giving your compliance training courses an energy boost.

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Companies We Have Worked With

American Express logo
Our projects with this multinational financial services company include videos that supported CEO personal appearances, B2B marketing videos, talent acquisition videos and internal training videos for Code of Conduct.
BD logo
Work with this medical device technology company included CEO / employee communications videos, important post-merger communications, videos promoting ethics and compliance, and various interactive medical training videos.
BHP logo
This leading global resources company turned to Tribe for CEO leadership videos as well as corporate communications, specifically around change management and community affairs videos.
Colgate Palmolive logo
For over ten years we have collaborated with this global consumer brands company on videos for their legendary employee recognition program. This partnership has literally brought inspirational stories of outstanding achievement from every corner of the globe to the annual board of directors meeting in New York. Tribe also produced videos on corporate values, sustainability and culture for Colgate-Palmolive.
Hess logo
Our partnership with Hess Corporation started with a small internal communications video project that grew over the years to include Brand videos for the company website, investor relations videos, CEO communmications, talent acquisition videos and community affairs videos.
KPMG logo
Our work for this "big four" accounting firm has spanned decades and includes onboarding videos for HR, recruiting videos for both campus and experienced hires, leadership videos, ethics & compliance training videos and B2B marketing videos.
Merck logo
Our collaboration with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world focuses on corporate affairs videos, video of facility tours, and executive communications films.
Quest Diagnostics logo
We helped this clinical laboratory document an anniversary celebration on film, and worked with them on their investor relations videos, corporate and employer brand videos, and produced videos for HR talent acquisition.
UBS logo
We've partnered with UBS Financial Services to create videos for client outreach, financial adviser support videos, and product and services marketing videos.