Coty Challenge:

To prepare Coty for its IPO by helping to present the company in a way that aligns with it’s new ethos of freedom, innovation and flexibility.

Tribe Solution:

Tribe crafted nine individual filmic portraits of Coty’s senior management (to be showcased on their website) as emblems of Coty’s new brand persona. Though these leaders had widely differing personalities and proficiency in English, Tribe illuminated the unique humanity of each leader in a way that was both true to their individual character and would support the brand proposition.

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Creative Director/Interviewer: Vern Oakley
Executive Producer: Barbara Hennessy
Producer/Director: Jim Calabrese
DP: Raphael Bondy
Editor: Keith Reamer
Music: Propeller Music


2012- Silver Dolphin- Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
2012- Platinum Best of Show – Aurora Awards

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