Hamilton College

Still from Hamilton College video

Hamilton Challenge:

Celebrate Hamilton’s 200th anniversary by illuminating how the college holds its heritage in the context of continually providing a transformative education.

Tribe Solution:

Working with Hamilton’s communications team, Tribe wove together passages from historical annalist letters with stories and remarks about life at Hamilton today. Shot in winter and spring with HD, time-lapse and aerial photography, this film, both verbally and visually, reveals Hamilton’s timeless beauty and soul as well as its contemporary relevance.

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Creative Director: Vern Oakley
Executive Producer: Jon Huberth
Producer/ Directors: Vern Oakley, Christopher Holt
Writer: Jon Huberth
DP: Michael Spindler
Editor: Ray Quaranto, Michael Spindler
Aerial Footage: HeliCam Aerial Media Services
Music Supervisor: Rob Lieberman


2012- Platinum Best of Show- Aurora Awards
2012- Gold Camera- US International Film & Video Festival
2012- Award of Excellence- Accolade Awards
2012- Silver Medal- Questar Awards

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