Hess Challenge:

To bring to life Hess’ humanity and social responsibility.

Tribe Solution:

Tribe crafted a film which re-imagined an event in the Hess’ history. After 100-year flood waters devastated the town of Minot, ND, Mr. Hess is filmed as if in a news conference, speaking to employees and locals. Our film incorporated actual newsreel clips with Tribe-directed interview and b-roll footage. Through the power of story and artistry, the film powerfully expresses the soul of the Hess brand values.

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Creative Director: Vern Oakley
Executive Producer: Barbara Hennessy
Producer: Jim Calabrese
Writer/ Director: Patrick Nash
Editor: Ray Quaranto


2012- Gold Medal- Aurora Awards
2012- Bronze Medal- Telly Awards
2012- Honorable Mention- Creativity International Awards

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