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College Video

The Challenge: This highly selective, wonderfully quirky College in Portland, Oregon, was completing its Centennial Campaign and wanted to thank the donors, primarily alumni. Reed alumni are less interested in nostalgia than in how their alma mater is continuing to transform to meet the changing educational needs of the College's future....(more)

Tribe Solution: Our video showed the direct impact that alumni generosity had on the Reed community and was aimed to make alumni feel a sense of ownership in the future of the institution, to show that alumni actions have an impact, to transport alumni to the campus in a visual way, and to show how the campus and the College continue to transform and advance....(more)

University Video

The Challenge: Many institutions promise a vibrant campus life and great interaction with the surrounding community. UVM delivers this. How to personify this in a video?...(more)

Tribe Solution: We worked with a local musician using his song ‘The Light Inside’ to personify the spirit of UVM and connect the viewer emotionally with the school and Burlington. One of four videos Tribe produced for UVM, this particular video went viral, earning tens of thousands of YouTube hits....(more)

Advocacy Video

The Challenge: How to harness the unique character and meaning of the Washington and Lee experience to energize its alumni in support of a half-billion-dollar capital campaign....(more)

Tribe Solution: Tribe’s video sprung from thorough research that disclosed: University alumni are deeply proud of its Southern roots and its long history in the story of America. Alumni have a real affection for the physical presence of the campus and its buildings, especially the line of historic buildings known as the Colonnade. W&L has adopted the song “Shenandoah” as its own. Grown men weep when it is sung. The University can be considered more traditionally conservative than many of its peers. The result was this video – the top prize-winner at Cannes....(more)

Non Profit Video

The Challenge: Premiering at the hospital’s annual gala event, this video needed to inspire joy, celebrate healing, and prove to donors that Montefiore’s world-class expertise and advanced level of care is truly changing lives. With a focus on Orthopedics and Rehabilitative Medicine, this video aimed to capture the energy and spirit of the hospital’s providers and the deep bonds they form with their patients....(more)

Tribe Solution: While their medical expertise and state of the art treatment deserved attention, we knew that the stories that would inspire donations were closer to the heart. The casting process was therefore key. After speaking with the physicians and their patients, we focused on the relationships they forged as well as the respect and gratitude that developed during their care, knowing that those emotions would light up the screen and propel their stories....(more)

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