Kenyon College

Archival shot of Kenoyn College

Kenyon Challenge:

Produce a short film emailed to alumni as a digital thank you for a successful campaign, excite them about returning for their class reunions, and re-forge ties that continue to solidify a loyal community of Kenyon alumni.

Tribe Solution:

Tribe evoked emotion and pride in the College by utilizing the talents of its alumni: fashioned from a passage in the book “Alma Mater” by Kenyon alumnus and professor PF Kluge, the film’s script is read by alumna Allison Janney and is interwoven with evocative and historical images of Kenyon.

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Creative Director: Vern Oakley
Executive Producer: Vern Oakley, Jon Huberth
Writer: P.F Kluge
Editor: Michael Chomet
Narrator: Allison Janney

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