Tribe Pictures Taps Power of Rapt Media to Bring Human Stories to Life in HR Videos

Experts in corporate video see immense capability for interactive content addressing training, onboarding, ethics and compliance.

NEW YORK, NY – November 19, 2015 – The situation is laid out for you in stark terms: you’re in an office setting, and you observe a co-worker about to violate one of the company’s most rigid ethics guidelines. What would you do? Report it to your manager or supervisor? Pretend you didn’t see it? Try and talk them out of it?

Thanks to the unique interactive branching qualities provided by the pioneering media technology firm Rapt Media, viewers of corporate training, ethics and compliance videos such as this are able to click on their screens and watch as each of these three distinct scenarios, and their consequences, play out. This compelling ability to guide the story and influence audience reaction is a key benefit of Rapt Media’s capabilities, according to Tribe Pictures Founder and CEO Vern Oakley.

An award-winning producer of corporate videos for companies in the Global 1000, Tribe Pictures is currently working with Rapt Media on a training video for a major global financial firm. This process has given Tribe’s writers, producers and directors an inside look at the power of interactivity when coupled with the emotional hook of well-crafted human stories.

Rapt Media’s interactive storytelling technology combines personalized narrative with data integration. Its HTML5, mobile-native video platform provides storytellers at companies like Tribe with the power to entice viewers into becoming participants and can provide engagement that produces valuable insights.

“This capability has clear value when it comes to connecting with an increasingly media-savvy society, and nowhere is this more relevant in a corporate video setting than in areas such as employee training and recruitment,” says Oakley. “And it’s particularly important with the growing millennial population, which is making up a growing percentage of the corporate workforce. They process information differently, and they expect to interact with content in ways previous generations simply were unable to. This ability to determine or influence the outcome of a storyline is a natural for them, and provides corporate clients with a great way to gain insight into their values and decision-making process at the same time.”

“Interactivity is a core facet of media consumption,” notes Rapt Media Co-Founder Erika Trautman. “From DVRs to streaming online videos, the concept of choice is fundamental to how we interact with content today. And rapid mobile adoption – along with the expectation that you should be able to touch, swipe, and tap to make choices – has become firmly established among consumers and media users. Our approach integrates choice into videos themselves, allowing users to select their own paths.”

Rapt Media’s technology works on desktops, tablets and smartphones, and can be accessed by any mobile device without the need to download an app. While watching a video that utilizing this technology, viewers can click or tap to interact with the video and choose the content they want to see, creating more personalized and relevant experiences.

Oakley says he was impressed with the look and feel of Rapt Media’s technology and its ability to integrate seamlessly into how a video or film guides its audience along an emotional and informational path. He was also impressed with the degree of research the company has devoted to interactivity’s intrinsic ability to boost a film’s level of engagement.

“I’ve devoted my career to using the power of film to tell highly personal stories that elicit a response,” Oakley observes. “Working with Rapt Media, we’ll be able to better determine how our stories are impacting our audiences in terms of their reactions and choices, and gain immensely valuable insights as to how effective our messaging can be.”

Rapt Media’s products have been adopted by a large group of major corporations in a range of categories and industries. This includes high-profile media companies, ad agencies and marketers such as Warner Brothers, HBO, Condé Nast Entertainment, Rapp, Havas People, Maybelline, Toyota, Deloitte, and Anheuser Busch, to name a few. Recent Tribe Pictures corporate video clients include American Express, Hess, Colgate-Palmolive, Stanley Black & Decker, Actavis and PSE&G.

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About Rapt Media
Rapt Media has created the only interactive storytelling tech combining personalized narrative with unparalleled data integration. Our HTML5, mobile-native video platform gives you the power to intrigue, turning viewers into participants and engagement into real insights. Welcome to the future of video. To read more on the growth of truly engaging content, download a copy of Rapt Media’s “Power of Choice” report here.

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