Video: “We stand together… And together, we will rise”

The current crisis has companies thinking about a new kind of story to tell in their corporate communications. The pandemic is confining millions of people to their homes, straining health care systems, and making the daily routines of life more complicated.

Many corporations are raising their voice and know they have a leadership role to play. They must continue to provide and distribute their needed goods and services, while promoting and celebrating shared purpose.

With this in mind, Amneal Pharmaceuticals recently engaged Tribe Pictures to craft a video for the pharmaceutical company with a focus on unity and hope. The resulting piece, “We Stand Together,” aims to lift up the work of all everyday heroes, whose commitment to their duties is what will allow us to rise above the crisis.

We hope it shows we are a society that’s reaching out to help; that values each of its members; and that knows we all have to play our parts for the chain to stay unbroken.




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