5 Examples of College & University Videos

Still from Hamilton College video

Our videos help create clear, powerful connections with prospective students, potential donors, and other key stakeholders. The five videos below illustrate some of Tribe’s work in the areas of college recruiting, donor cultivation, and fundraising. Tribe works with some of the best colleges and universities in the world, and we’re proud to say we’ve helped our education clients raise over $6 Billion.

Reed College – “Centennial Campaign Thank You” (Milestone)

The Challenge: Demonstrate the direct impact alumni and donor generosity has had on the Reed community and spur alumni to take ownership in the future of the College.
Tribe Solution: Through a series of dynamic images and heartfelt interviews, Tribe visually transports alumni back to campus, showing how the College and curriculum continue to transform Reed students.

Hamilton College – “The First 200 Years” (Milestone)

The Challenge: Celebrate Hamilton’s 200th anniversary by illuminating how the college holds its heritage in the context of continually providing a transformative education.
Tribe Solution: Working with Hamilton’s communications team, Tribe wove together passages from historical annalist letters with stories and remarks about life at Hamilton today. Shot in winter and spring with HD, time-lapse and aerial photography, this film, both verbally and visually, reveals Hamilton’s timeless beauty and soul as well as its contemporary relevance.

Washington University – “Mars Curiosity” (Announcement & Web Short)

The Challenge: Launch and mobilize support for a $2.2 billion capital campaign and show the vast impact that will be felt across Washington University.
Tribe Solution: In addition to a main launch film that integrates experiences across schools and graduate and undergraduate programs, Tribe produced a series of modules that personify how the University and its students impact the world. This particular video reflects the University’s continued support for its faculty’s ground breaking research and student involvement in cutting edge projects.

Franklin & Marshall College – “Come Discover” (Admissions)

The Challenge: Produce a series of videos to excite high school prospects and to use in various venues: in the admission office before campus tours; online; emailed to newly-accepted applicants; and screened to kick-off a day-long yield event for parents and accepted students.
Tribe Solution: Tribe captured authentic comments from professors and students alike, interspersing them with scenes of campus life and spending well over a year to amass a library of footage from which this particular on-line admission video was produced.

Washington and Lee University “Echoes of Past, Voices of Future” (Campaign)

The Challenge: Harness the unique history and character of Washington and Lee to energize alumni in support of a half-billion dollar capital campaign.
Tribe’s Solution: Tribe unearthed the emotional triggers that speak to alumni: the College’s deep connection with our country’s history, its stately architecture, illustrious graduates, and affection for the song “Shenandoah”. The film also employed the considerable talents of present day students and faculty.

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