Benefits of Employee Recognition Videos

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Culture is integral to a company’s success. Business guru Peter Drucker says it perfectly in his famous quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” One important element that goes into shaping a company’s culture that also engages employees is a recognition program.

  • “60% of Best-in-Class organizations stated that employee recognition is extremely valuable in driving individual performance.” (Aberdeen Group, The Power of Employee Recognition, 2013)

Recognizing your employees through the use of video is an excellent way to show that they’re a valued part of your organization.

We all know companies recognize their employees with awards, but some make it more impactful by filming the accomplishments of their award winners and sharing them across their organization. They recognize the power of film as a strategic differentiator in trying to supercharge their workforce.

For example, one of our global consumer products client has an annual awards program that involves a very rigorous selection process. Global employees nominate teams in their organization based on what they’ve done to make a difference at the company. Every year they hold a gala and fly in the winning teams from around the world.

Prior to the gala we produce videos detailing each team’s story to be shown at the event and shared through the entire global organization. Seeing their work come to life through video storytelling takes on a whole new meaning for the people on the winning teams, and has contributed to the success of the program.

It is an honor to be selected to participate in a film that is held up as a centerpiece for other employees, shareholders and board members as an example of their staff’s accomplishments. These films can also serve as inspiration, encouraging employees to think outside of the box – since they know it’s a path to finding themselves on screen, too.

To communicate values in brochures, letters and posters is great – but video lets you bring them to life. It shows values in action and emphasizes the impact they have on the organization and its workforce. They aren’t just words on paper; they’re tangible ideas that make a difference and empower other employees to embody these values in the work they do.

Not only do videos help you recognize your employees, they help morale, which can greatly reduce turnover and increase employee engagement. They help with recruiting and establishing outward-facing perceptions, too. Showing your employees doing valuable work and caring about the organization they work for validates that they’re a respected part of the corporation. The investment in this recognition goes a long way.

  • 46% of senior managers view recognition programs as an investment rather than an expense. (World at Work, Trends in Employee Recognition, 2013)

An employee recognition video is a powerful way to say thank you. It’s a living testament that an employee’s hard work is noticed and appreciated. It also gives them a memento to easily share with friends and family as proof of all the hard work they do and the impact they make.

Celebrate the people who make your company successful and embody its values.

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