BASF’s Innovative Recruiting Video Pushes The Boundaries of ‘Corporate Film’

Still from BASF VR video

The Challenge:
BASF is the largest chemical company in the world. Although BASF consistently ranks in “Best Places to Work” lists, perception and awareness as a workplace of choice has not always matched the company’s recruiting ambitions. BASF is committed to creating an inclusive workplace and continuing to highlight its best-in-class comprehensive benefits package, the “compelling total offer,” to attract a diverse workforce, including more women and minorities.

Tribe’s Solution:
By utilizing 360° virtual reality technology, Tribe created an immersive insider view of what it’s like to work at BASF. Each creative corporate video in the series showcases a different BASF location, an office, a laboratory, and a production plant, and highlights the sense of connectedness, the continuing opportunity to learn, the ability to engage with great people and great ideas, and the sense of caring about each other and the community. To encourage viewers to engage in the 360° experience, we used classic corporate video editing techniques, planting “Easter eggs” throughout: text and graphics that compel a viewer to “look” in a certain direction.

The Results:
By incorporating cutting-edge VR technology BASF differentiates itself from the pack, resulting in increased traffic to BASF’s United States careers website. The outcome is a video that allows for greater recognition of BASF’s employer brand, and emphasizes their growing reputation as a workplace of choice that offers a rewarding and enriching experience to all its employees.

Please Note: There are three ways to get the 360° experience:
1. Use your desktop and mouse around the video.
2. Use your mobile device and tilt or rotate it to see different views.3. If you’re adventurous, the coolest most immersive method is to use a VR headset or Google Cardboard. Here’s a VR headset buyer’s guide.
Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Safari does not support 360° video technology.

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