Cultivating a Sense of Belonging Through Internal Communications Video

What does it feel like to truly belong somewhere? Does that include a sense of trust, safety, or recognition? However you define it, humans crave belonging in communities of all shapes and sizes. A whopping 94% of Americans believe that it’s most important to feel a sense of belonging in their workplace.

Belonging isn’t just about having a desk among your peers and a water cooler to chat over. True belonging is an emotional, social, and cultural experience. A sense of belonging includes the freedom to be yourself, the safety to take risks, and the support to grow. And video is an extremely powerful tool companies can use to ensure their employees feel they belong.

Employee Belonging Starts with Executive Leadership

Fostering a sense of belonging starts at the very top. Executive leadership should understand that creating a connected and cohesive workforce leads to higher employee retention and better performance.

Executives can lead by example, demonstrating a commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment. Their words and actions are key, but they don’t always travel far enough. Internal video is an excellent tool to distribute messages from top leadership while carrying the emotion and authenticity of the message.

Video can also go a long way to humanize leadership and flatten the organizational hierarchy, allowing a greater sense of connection. Executives can bridge the gap and create a more approachable and relatable image, furthering a sense of belonging among the team.

Your company’s values are a central part of why your employees do what they do each day. Video can help to reinforce those values.

Transparency & Team-Building with Digital Communication

With remote work so common nowadays, it can be easy to feel disconnected. Luckily, digital communication tools like employee intranet platforms and internal video put connection back into the spotlight.

Digital platforms within companies provide a successful way to share information. Video messages, town hall meeting broadcasts, and virtual Q&A sessions are just a handful of ways to keep employees engaged online. These tools are accessible anywhere, at any time.

With internal video, leadership can keep people informed about the company’s direction and decisions. This transparency helps build trust within the workforce.

Digital platforms create a space for employees to bond and share experiences beyond the confines of traditional office settings. And with remote and hybrid work, we often don’t get to see our coworkers face-to-face anymore. Reaching across these barriers has never been easier.

Video also opens the door to celebrating your people. Companies can highlight individual achievements and contributions as a powerful way to make employees feel valued. Share the stories of individuals who exemplify company values and bring their truest selves to the table. This can encourage others to do the same. When employees feel a stronger connection to their coworkers and the company as a whole, they can see how their individual contributions make a difference to the whole organization.

Exemplary Employees Prove Belonging

Tribe partnered with Crum & Forster to create a video demonstrating all of the ways its employees are encouraged to thrive. We sat down with employees from across the company to ask how they feel supported by their employer and where they fit into the team as a whole. From tuition reimbursement programs to internal training opportunities, C&F goes the distance to prove that its employees belong there.

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