What Do the Best Training Videos Have in Common?

Video can be an excellent tool for corporate training, and the benefits go far beyond distributing information. If done well, video is the best communication medium outside of an in-person meeting to actually stir people to action. Many companies use employee training videos without realizing all they can accomplish. They approach it as a tool to simply dispense facts. There’s nothing wrong with this tactic per se, but if a company invests in creating training materials, they should accomplish more than just sharing information. They want to move trainees to action, whether that’s developing a new skill set, embracing a new company initiative or any other behavior that requires the trainee’s commitment long after they watch the training video.

The big difference between videos that simply share information and those that evoke action is the emotional connection between the speaker and the trainee. No matter how technical a training topic is, it’s still critical for viewers to feel emotionally connected to the speaker on screen. Think about it: Trainees are being asked to adopt a new skill or behavior that will have a positive impact on your company. The skills will likely also benefit their personal career journey, but you hope trainees will use those new skills to help move your company forward, now. They will be more motivated to help achieve a company’s goals if they feel connected to the leader and the company’s values.

To be sure, in-person training is ideal, but it’s not always possible. Video communication is the next best format, because it offers some level of human contact. In fact, when planning a training video, think of it as an in-person session that happens to be recorded. You won’t have the benefit of live interaction, but the speaker should communicate as if he or she were connecting with someone in person. The following essentials will help.

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