Is Your Glass Half-Full?

Is there a science to success? It seems so, but it also seems as though much of what we’ve been taught about success is wrong. Something as simple as being a pessimist vs an optimist can determine how high you can reach in the corporate world. In his excellent book, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Eric Barker contends that pessimists are more often right in their predictions, but optimists are more often more fulfilled and productive in life.

Scientific research has come up with a long list of benefits to being optimistic. Practicing optimism and gratitude causes (not just correlates with) an increase in contentment, and optimism is associated with better health. In fact, meta analyses of studies on optimism and physical health show that, while the presence of optimism is an indicator for better health, the simple absence of pessimism is an even better predictor of good physical health.

Optimism in the Corporate Sector: Just a Sales Pitch?

How does this framework play out in the corporate world? Your “professional health,” if you will? There’s a few ways. First, while outright pessimism may not be productive, there’s nothing wrong with realism. Flexible mindsets and problem-solving strategies are integral to professional success on any level. But there are other advantages to being a realism-tinged optimistic executive or employee:

  • Optimism is directly correlated with resiliency to challenges.
  • While 9/10 optimists approach an obstacle by exploring different paths to success, less than 3/10 pessimists approach problems the same way.
  • Over 80% of pessimists believe the corporate world is a culture of backstabbing, compared to less than 5% of optimists.
  • Only half of pessimists view failure as an opportunity, in stark contrast to over 95% of optimists.

It’s easy to see how these values play out in the professional world. Optimists choose tools and opportunities to move forward, even in the face of professional struggle. Further, optimists foster cooperative, compassionate workplaces because they see the best in people. It’s hard to build a successful company when you think everyone is out to get you and that failures are catastrophic.

Balancing Optimism with Honesty in Corporate Video Production

So, how can we apply this positive state of mind to video production in the corporate world? Embrace the positive, but be realistic and transparent. By sending a positive and personal message that still remains bare and accurate, you then foster optimism in the audience. This increases trust in your brand and leadership, and it also engages people and draws them to your company.

Optimistic corporate video production, whether it’s healthcare videos, recruitment videos or change management announcements, is about calling the audience to action, and the action is moving forward together to build something more.

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