It really does take a village!

It took me a little over a year to participate in a Tribe Pictures production. I was able to take on the role of “client” and experience the professionalism and creativity of a great team.

After months of planning and discussing our video marketing strategy, we developed a plan for a video series – conversations with our CEO and Creative Director, Vern Oakley. This past week, we kicked off the series with Vern being interviewed by David Brancaccio, the Host and Senior Editor for American Public Media’s Marketplace Morning Report. The exchange between the two was both entertaining and informative and I’m looking forward to sharing the conversation with everyone soon. Truth be told, what really impressed me was the teamwork involved in pulling the production together.

While I was consumed with the communication goals and desired outcomes, a project manager and producer pulled together a skilled crew, coordinated everyone’s schedule, organized and staged a “studio” in our conference room and planned for every possible contingency. The crew swept into Tribe’s office and worked miracles with lights, cameras and countless production techniques to set a stage for Vern and David to have an intimate conversation. Everyone had a long history of working together, understood what we wanted to accomplish and were able to make the talent look and sound great on camera.

It was amazing to see the magic of a great production from a different perspective.

Here are some behind the scenes moments:

The day started with a perfect cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast shared by all.

What a spread!
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all!
TribePictures_Getting the CEO ready for his close-up
Makeup artist Jaqueline Menconi did her part to get Vern and David ready for their closeups!

From rearranging furniture and picking the right props to fixing the sunlight streaming onto the set, the production team made sure everything looked perfect.

TribePictures_VernOakely_2TribePictures_Team Behind the ScenesTribePictures_Teamwork Prepping the Sacres SpaceTribePictures_Can you hear me now?TribePictures_Woops, let's fix that hair a bit

The Team Behind Conversations with Vern Oakley:

TribePictures_Everyone say cheese!

An interview by David Brancaccio

Vern Oakley – Subject Matter Expert
David Brancaccio – Interviewer, TV Host and Radio Personality
Alexandra Beni – Producer and Wardrobe Consultant
Grace Lyttle – Project Manager and Barista Extraordinaire
Felicia Jamieson – Director
Chris Landy- Director of Photography (Aperture Pictures)
Bruce Engler – Sound
Jaqueline Menconi – Makeup
Mike Mejia – Assistant Cameraman and Talent Stand-In
Aaron Burns – AC Consultant (remote support!)
Stefany Koslow – Director New Business Development & Cheerleader
Dana Rubin – Visibility Expert & Coach

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“It’s one thing to understand the role of video in business communication, it’s another to know how to use video to solve actual business problems. Vern Oakley gets that.”


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