Jake Gyllenhaal shares his vision

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal arriving at La Pomme for New Eyes For The Needy fundraiser

Last night New Eyes For The Needy was holding a charity event at chic Chelsea venue La Pomme in New York City. Jake took time from his extremely busy schedule to show support to New Eyes For The Needy. He made it a priority to speak to the audience, and also to let Tribe film an interview before rushing to the premiere of his new film, Source Code, at the Crosby Hotel.

The film has garnered some excellent reviews on Jake’s performance so far. We’re glad. We wish the film and him the very best for opening weekend, because he’s a very cool and talented guy with a lot of generosity to top it all.

Tribe Pictures’ Lori Schmon interviewing Jake, Chris Holt shoots.

Jake Gyllenhaal knows first hand how important vision is. As an actor he couldn’t read his lines, he would kiss the wrong lady, and might walk into the wrong space/time if he couldn’t see properly. Jake’s grandfather led him in empathizing with people who suffer from poor vision, by teaching Jake as a child to donate his old glasses to charity. This inspired the actor to embrace the cause of New Eyes for The Needy and become their spokesperson.

Tribe Pictures was approached by New Eyes For the Needy as they were looking for an efficient fundraising tool. We liked the fact that Eyes For The Needy operates on a very simple premise: for each donation of $60 someone in need gets his/her vision back. A small gesture with tremendous results. We devised a documentary showing the improvement New Eyes For The Needy brings to individual lives. A school boy can read the writing on his classroom blackboard, a woman can operate her sewing machine again, and an aging woman can read her medicine labels. Board members of the charity were delighted with the success the video (which can be viewed on their home page) in supporting their fundraising.  The other video on the homepage, also produced by Tribe, is a call to donate from Jake Gyllenhaal.

New Eyes executive director Susan Dyckman with Chris & Lori from Tribe

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