Leveraging Corporate Video for DEI Initiatives

A diverse group of employees raise their hand at a conference table

Corporate video is a powerful tool that can be used to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the workplace. Companies can use video to engage employees consistently and conveniently for large-scale improvements.

DEI Video Shapes your Company Story

By creating videos that showcase diverse perspectives and experiences, companies can help to raise awareness and promote understanding of the issues that are important to underrepresented groups.

One way to use corporate video in DEI initiatives is to create videos that feature employees from different backgrounds and experiences. These videos can be used to highlight the unique contributions that each employee brings to the workplace and to help to create a sense of belonging and inclusivity for all employees.

Tribe created a series of videos for BASF that featured active employee resource groups. We created multiple films to highlight LGBTQ+ initiatives, people of color, international employees working at BASF offices in the US, and more.


Educational HR Films are Engaging and Memorable

Another way to incorporate video into DEI initiatives is to create educational videos that provide information and resources on important DEI topics. Video can be used to educate employees on the impact of bias and discrimination and to provide guidance on how to create a more inclusive work environment. These videos are often more engaging than the bland PowerPoints employees are probably used to. Using the right combination of graphics, visuals, interviews, voiceovers, and music can make your DEI videos memorable and impactful.

Corporate video can also be used to share the company’s DEI initiatives and goals. By communicating the company’s commitment to DEI and the steps they’re taking to promote your goals, you can build trust and credibility with employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Diversity Initiatives Reach Diverse Audiences

It’s important to note that creating a DEI-focused video is not only the production of the video but also the distribution and promotion of the video. It’s not enough to show your DEI video once during an HR presentation or in an email blast. One of video’s most powerful attributes is being rewatchable any time and any place.

Your DEI video can be placed on easily reachable company platforms as well as shared through different digital channels to reach a broader audience.

DEI videos aren’t just important for your employees to see—your consumers and stakeholders will appreciate understanding your company’s commitment to inclusivity.

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