What KPMG’s Recruiting Video Got Right

KPMG realized that to win the war for experienced talent that they needed to tell their story in an honest and authentic way. KPMG worked with Tribe to develop our concept “The Real Deal: Cinema Verite, Truth at 24 Frames a Second” into a recruitment video series titled “Working at KPMG – The Real Deal.”

Everyone has a different reason why they might choose to work for a company. KPMG and Tribe worked together to cast the right mix of people with the best stories that speak to the key strategic reasons why KPMG is a great place to build a career. We chose a select group of employees from across the country and brought them together in New York to record a candid discussion about what it’s really like to work at this leading financial institution.

Tribe then followed eight of the cast members to their home location to tell their unique stories. Each employee video profile offers insights into the rewards and challenges of the job from a unique and personal perspective, allowing candidates to find someone to whom they can easily relate.

When travel is a must, you have to find the time for family and what inspires you to push yourself further. Watch Fernando’s Story (Advisory Credit Risk)

CPA that loves teaching financial literacy and helping others, finds a way to merge experience and passion. Watch Leanne’s Story (Executive Education)

Love what you do and the fast-paced nature of the work. Watch Jim’s Story (Tax Economic Valuation Services)

Driven parent who wants to find success in the workforce but maintain life balance: Watch Marijo’s Story (Audit Recruiting)

Self-professed geek with lots of passions, an adventurous spirit and enjoys a challenging career. Watch Jonathan’s Story (Advisory Information Protection)

Natural born diplomat with an international flair and love for problem solving and being part of a strategy team. Watch Rose’s Story (International Indirect Tax)

Entrepreneurial spirit with a desire to travel and being part of an incredibly smart team. Watch Russell’s Story (Advisory Market/Treasury Risk)

At a crossroads in your career and could use a mentor to help you find your way. Watch Sean’s Story (Market Development)

This employee recruitment video series offers prospective candidates a peek behind the curtain of what it’s really like to work at KPMG.

Have you considered how a similar employee video series can work to attract your target candidates?

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