Video for Your Arsenal in the War for Talent

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My colleagues at Tribe Pictures tease me for my propensity for military analogies. But I know a thing or two about war, especially the war for talent in today’s market, and the arsenal required for victory. In their quest to attract the best and brightest candidates to their firms, our corporate clients ask Tribe to help them win this battle.

Like the criteria for weapons system selection in any military operation, recruiting films must consider range, performance and cost.

In an era of corporate globalization, a recruiting tool must be fast and instantly accessible anywhere at any time. A posted video has global distribution and is easily shared. It’s the best way to show prospective recruits what it’s like to be an employee at your company. It offers a peek behind the curtain, providing a connection to other employees, a glimpse of the culture and work environment. Best of all, video meets the prospects where they are – on a cellphone, in social media, on job sites or the company’s career website. The ability to share the video across all channels enables you to hit the target with precision and perfect timing.

Most decisions have an analytical as well as an emotional component. Nothing generates an emotional reaction like a well-produced film where visuals are complemented by sound through music and voice. Presented through an engaging video, corporate values can elicit a memorable, emotional response. Potential recruits can learn about and hear from relatable peers that share their success stories and insights about the company.

Tribe recently wrapped up a series of films focusing on recruiting experienced hires for KPMG called “The Real Deal” that includes a roundtable discussion with nine employees, carefully selected to represent business within the firm. The employees talk about what it’s really like to build a career at the firm when the measure is excellence and the stakes are high. This main film is supported by individual profiles in which employees share their personal story about why they chose the company. The video series gives visitors an even greater insight into the rewards and challenges of working there.  You can watch them on KPMG’s careers page and on their YouTube channel.

Digital distribution is not only fast, it also is efficient. When a talent pool is national or even global, efficiency is required. The cost per view can pale in comparison to other forms of communication used in recruiting efforts.

Our clients are becoming increasingly aware of the cost of turnover. Companies are working hard to reverse a recent trend of fast employment changes for career benefit. Errors in recruiting are shared. Yes, corporations can make a mistake in selection, but candidates often do not ask the right questions and are surprised by some aspect of their new employer. Sharing more information during the recruiting process can mitigate this problem.

A video is the best tool to offer clear communication about the things that influence a recruit’s decision to join the company, including:

– Work/life balance and programs that support the total person, such as wellness programs
– Career development support such as tuition reimbursement, mentoring and training
– Career investment opportunities such as flexible working arrangements and other benefits
– Diversity and inclusion
– And most importantly, culture and values that resonate with candidates on a personal level

Today, talent acquisition is more than just recruiting. Companies are taking a long-term strategic approach to talent acquisition. Video can go a long way toward:

1.  Advancing the employer brand
2.  Presenting information that both seduces and shares information that enables all to make the best decisions
3.  Helping YOU win the WAR FOR TALENT

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