“Your Story” Reprise: Let Me Count The Ways

Last November I shared my perspective on telling your story on film in a blog titled You Have a Great Story to Tell.

Tribe Pictures recently finished a project for Hubbell Incorporated that tells their story. The video:

  • Positions Hubbell Incorporated
  • Explains their products
  • Outlines their markets
  • Clearly articulates and graphically portrays how Hubbell touches all of our lives in a multitude of ways – Every Day!

Let me count the ways this Hubbell production can be utilized:
As you’re viewing this please consider how, where and when Hubbell Incorporated could use this production.

Write me with your ideas how to use a video corporate story beyond:

  • Shareholder Relations – Annual Meeting
  • Sales
  • Recruiting
  • Meeting Opener
  • Dominant Position on Web Site

Would you like an equivalent production to tell your story? Let’s connect.
Let us know your thoughts on this film – Hello@tribepictures.com

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