New Work: Washington and Lee University Video Series

The Challenge:
Washington and Lee University had a perception problem. Prospects, parents and even high school counselors had an outdated impression of the school. The University had the reputation of being conservative, remote, stuck in the past, and lacking diversity. Though perhaps true years ago, W&L had come a long way. It just needed its image to catch up to reality.

Tribe’s Solution:
To help update the perception of Washington and Lee for potential students, parents and school counselors, Tribe produced ten videos in a four-day shoot to convey the University’s breadth of opportunity, educational potential and diversity. W&L used the longer, comprehensive main video to show directly to counselors, prospects and parents in person. The nine shorter “break-out” videos reside on the University website and focus on specific topics such as STEM, The Expanded Classroom, The Arts, and International Education.

The Results:
All the videos bring out the geographic, intellectual and ethnic diversity of the students, the myriad of global experiences available, and the wealth of liberal arts and pre-professional opportunities in a vibrant and vital campus, the town and surroundings.

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