The Power of Video for Employee Retention

The best companies work hard to build a strong culture of teamwork where each individual contributor is a valued and necessary part of the whole. Those coworkers are a dependable and cohesive team. So when a crucial member of your team leaves, it’s a huge interruption—and it can make even bigger waves for employee satisfaction overall.

I can’t overstate the power of video when it comes to reshaping employee culture and, in turn, improving employee retention rates.

Reconnect Your Team in Times of Stress

In light of major employee retention issues in the news—large-scale layoffs, worker strikes, the “quiet quitting” movement—it’s extra important to consider how your company is prioritizing employee satisfaction and dedication.

A lack of communication is one of the most common employee complaints across industries. When leadership fails to communicate goals, failures, or changes, it can lead employees to feel unimportant and isolated.

Video is an incredible tool to remedy this disconnect. Executives who communicate regularly through video create a greater sense of trust. They can share news, good and bad, directly to each person.

And when the inevitable bad times occur, videos from leadership can quell nerves, answer questions, and provide a guiding hand toward better times ahead. Low morale can oftentimes only be improved through communication and trust. Video helps leaders demonstrate that they are available, listening, and ready to do what’s right.

Using Video To Reshape Company Culture

Corporate videos reinforce company values. A video can highlight employees that exemplify the values and mission statement. Or you can share encouraging and positive messages from leadership to recognize the success of employees’ hard work. Whether you’ve created an encompassing brand film or employee-specific messaging, the emotional and engaging elements of video set a valuable tone for company culture.

And for immediate communication, live video conferencing allows leaders to share authentic messages, recognize team achievements, and build rapport. When employees feel acknowledged by leadership, they develop a stronger bond with the company and its goals. And video can transcend location and share the same message with employees across the world. Regular video communication is a simple strategy that can significantly boost morale, motivation, and retention.

The consistent use of video allows open communication to be a main tenant in your company’s culture. And when employees feel like they are part of the conversation, they can feel more invested in their company each day.

Encourage Employee Group Participation with Introductory Videos

One of the perks employees receive when joining a corporation is a larger sense of community. Many organizations have employee groups that celebrate diversity, provide an encouraging community, or offer organized opportunities to get active. Video can be a great way to initially introduce these groups during onboarding. And throughout the year, videos can be used to reinforce the benefits of those groups on employee work-life balance.
Tribe created a series for BASF that encouraged connection between employees. This video demonstrates the personal and professional growth opportunities that each employee can take advantage of.

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