Corporate Video Strategy In A New Era

Rapidly changing technology shifts expectations of how we’re all communicated to. In a sense, we’re all millennials. I spoke with David Brancaccio of American Public Media’s Marketplace Morning Report about this concept about this concept and how it impacts everything from recruitment video ideas to what makes the most effective corporate brand videos.

Do you agree that the craft of storytelling remains constant?

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Transcript follows:

David Brancaccio: You’ve been doing this for a while. The world is changing around us. How are you adapting as the universe that surrounds us is changing?

Vern Oakley: There’s a lot of change in the technology. I mean, we’ve been through a number of revolutions from starting in film, and then moving to video, and moving to digital moving to high def., now we have 4k, 8k. You know, we feel that, you know, you always have to understand the use of the tools, but the craft of storytelling has really remained constant throughout that. The craft of uncovering the truth, and letting people express who they are has remained the same.

David Brancaccio: But do you think people are more media literate these days?

Vern Oakley: I think, particularly with the millennial generation, you have to be real; you have to be transparent. It’s changing the way business is being done.

David Brancaccio: The majority of people in the work force, as we’re speaking, are now millennials, and that group of people has certain demands when it comes to how they expect their communication to be delivered.

Vern Oakley:I like to think we’re all millennials. We’ve all gotten to the point that we’ve become very sophisticated in our viewing habits, we all really want the truth, and we don’t accept that artifice anymore. You know, that gloss, that patina, that, you know, that sort of mask, you know, we don’t want that. If I can make a true human connection, and understand that there’s an authentic person there who’s trying to communicate to me, I will listen to them.

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