Leadership in Focus: The Best CEO Videos Understand Their Audience

Where do you start with your communication platform? What’s the first step toward connecting?

As a creative director the first crucial step in the creative brief is always recon on the tribe.

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Transcript follows:

David Brancaccio: Modern multimedia allows a person to communicate with sub-tribes. There’s different stakeholders, and you may want to emphasize different things with those different stakeholders, and multimedia techniques I think allow you to do that.

Vern Oakley: Absolutely. When we’re making a film, and we make films for businesses and colleges, we try to humanize leaders and the companies that they serve. We always start with: who is the audience? Once you’ve defined who that audience is, then you even dig deeper, so if you’re trying to recruit people, are you trying to recruit experienced hires, or brand new hires, people out of college? And, once you figure out sort of the psycho-graphic of those particular people, you can tailor your communication to them, because, you know, it’s all about connecting with your audience, and if you understand who the audience is, you can make a much bigger connection.

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