Leveraging the Power of Employee Recognition Video to Boost Engagement and Retention

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, effective communication can be the difference between an unengaged workforce and company-wide success. Smartly, corporate executives are increasingly recognizing the power of video as a tool to engage their staff, deliver company-wide updates, and foster a culture of honesty and transparency.

Personalized Messages from Leaders Amplify Retention

After your company has hit a goal or milestone, how do you celebrate? Do you take the time to personally recognize the key drivers of this success?

Corporate leaders who recognize the contributions of their employees see higher rates of engagement and retention. Video is a powerful way for leaders to acknowledge their teams with a personal touch.

On video, leaders and executives can express gratitude for individual and team achievements. They can speak directly to their specific audience. This personal recognition adds value and pride to a person’s work.

The visual nature of video makes your company’s successes come to life. In addition to interviews, you might include explainer graphics or visuals that capture the impact of the achievements. Whether it’s b-roll of pharmaceutical products benefitting patients, new facilities being unveiled, or internal efforts like DEI or ESG projects making a difference—effective video can touch the heart of your viewer.

Meaningful Work Fosters Stronger Retention

Internal corporate video can create a positive and motivating work environment. Sharing employee success stories is not only a feel-good recognition of hard work. This practice demonstrates to employees of all levels that their hard work is meaningful. One study showed that 37% of employees consider recognition the most important thing a manager or their company could do to appreciate their value.

Employees who feel their work is meaningful and recognized are more likely to stay with their current employer. And, of course, higher rates of retention lead to stronger teams and higher efficiency, and a better overall working culture.

Build Strength Between Teams with Video

Employee recognition videos help build connectivity between peers, too. Through busy periods, employees who are focused on their own projects may miss exciting news from across the company. Video is an excellent opportunity to bring everybody up to speed concisely and vibrantly.

Whether wrap-ups come quarterly or monthly, regular communication from leadership is proven to engage employees. And studies show that engaged employees outperform unengaged employees by 202%.

At the end of 2022, Amneal hired Tribe to create a year-end recognition video for their employees.

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