Practice Makes Perfect – Learn from the best on-camera executive performances

When a CEO steps in front of the camera, they have to accomplish a daunting job. First, they must represent their company with professionalism and authority, while remaining open and approachable. They also have to nail all the logistical numbers. And the executive must deliver their message with authenticity, or no one will listen. To say the least, it’s difficult to execute all these tasks corporate video performance perfectly.

Get Your Head in the Game of Successful Corporate Video

That’s why one of the best strategies for nailing the perfect on-camera video performance is to try a little practice and playback. Take advantage of the successes and failures of executives before them. When professional athletes review their game-day footage, they are recounting great plays as well as issues they can improve upon. And when a nervous CEO watches back their own old videos, they can identify what work still needs to be done.

Pre-Video Practice Makes Imperfection

But to make a great corporate video, the CEO’s performance doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be real. Mistakes in a performance humanize the executive to the audience. The more comfortable the CEO is on camera, the more the audience grows to trust them. So, when practicing for a video performance, practice the skills, not just the script.

After Studying Executives’ Performances, Take the Quiz

When studying a CEO’s video performance, ask yourself what elements of their performance you like. Do they come alive on camera being interviewed by an industry peer? How does the location of the video impact the executive’s performance? Do they seem comfortable speaking directly into the camera? Are they reading from a teleprompter (and is it obvious)? Do they appear nervous or stiff? Or does their body language match their message with genuineness?

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