Two Leaders Who Have Used Video to Ignite Movements

Video has emerged as a powerful tool for leaders and executives to connect with their audience and make an impact. It has advanced careers, made influential change, and guided public opinion during controversies. Video is more than just propaganda and product advertising, it’s a superpower.

Steve Jobs’ Keynote Addresses

Steve Jobs was known for many great innovations—from Apple’s product line to his captivating keynote addresses. These presentations not only introduced new technology to tech journalists and industry buyers—but the world. Jobs broadcasted his addresses and ignited consumers, putting them on the inside track. He created unprecedented hype around Apple’s new releases that swept the industry with a new generation of smart devices.

His keynote addresses, featuring his charismatic demeanor and signature turtleneck, established him as one of the most influential figures the tech industry has ever seen.

Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign

During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama strategically used social media and video to connect with potential voters. His “Yes We Can” video, featuring a host of celebrities singing a song based on one of his speeches, went viral. This galvanized support for his campaign, and the youngest voting generation embraced it.

Obama’s speeches throughout his campaign and into his presidency further proved his skillful use of video. A talented speaker, Obama’s confident and well-crafted speeches set him apart from other politicians. Obama’s use of video has been the ultimate tool in making him one of the most successful political candidates of the modern age.

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