4 Ways Human Resources Professionals Should Maximize Video for Recruiting

Video is an incredibly powerful tool for human resources professionals to attract and engage top talent. By leveraging the power of video, HR professionals can enhance their recruitment efforts, effectively convey company culture and benefits, simplify onboarding processes, and make their job listings stand out from other companies in the industry.

Videos Make Job Listings Stand Out

If your company posts job openings on aggregated sites like Indeed, GlassDoor, or LinkedIn, they’re likely to get lost in the giant sea of postings. It can be difficult to stand out from the rest and communicate quickly to prospects how your company is different. And with competitive industries, this first barrier can be the reason top talent misses their chance to send in an application.

By incorporating video into job postings, HR professionals can immediately help their company to stand out. Video can provide a glimpse into the work environment, team dynamics, and the company’s vision. It can showcase your company culture and unique selling points far more effectively than the written word.

When people can visualize themselves in a prospective role, they become a more engaged candidate for the job. Having a more realistic understanding of the role and its responsibilities fosters transparency between your company and applicants.

Video Creates Human Connection

For many companies, the application and even some early stages of the interview process are fully digital, leaving prospective talent without any genuine connection to the organization.

Just like a brand video can build trust and respect between consumers and a brand, recruitment videos can establish an emotional connection between a potential hire and your company. The essence of your organization and its working environment will be on display in the best light. You may choose to include testimonials from current employees who can share their unique experiences with the candidate. Or hearing directly from the C-Suite can be the best overview of who your company is at its core.

Video Relays Information about Company Culture and Benefits

One of the biggest challenges HR professionals face is effectively communicating the core values of a company. You may have already distilled these values into a mission statement. Video is the perfect medium to demonstrate values in action—whether it’s team-building activities, service work in your community, or testimonials from employees or consumers. This helps attract candidates who align with your company’s values and appreciate its unique offerings.

When a company offers an exciting benefits package, many employees may not be able to picture how those benefits can really impact their lives. Whether your company organizes diversity, equity, and inclusion groups, provides fun lifestyle perks, or offers attractive financial or medical benefits, video helps showcase the value add of these additional benefits.

For chemicals company BASF, Tribe Pictures made a series of videos demonstrating the breadth of programs employees could take advantage of. With real stories, these videos introduced many to programs that offered support, education, and fun.

Videos Simplify Onboarding Processes

Once you’ve selected your new candidates, the onboarding process can be time-consuming and challenging. Luckily, video can streamline this process.

Video provides new hires with comprehensive information in an engaging format that is consistent every time. HR professionals can create onboarding videos that cover company policies, procedures, and introductions to key team members.

Video also has a great benefit when it comes to relaying complicated or technical information. Videos can be replayed as many times as someone needs to revisit the info. Clarifying graphics deliver information consistently and cleanly, reducing confusion and saving time.

By leveraging video throughout the onboarding process, HR professionals can create a seamless and efficient experience for new hires.

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