AI Business Tools are Making Us More Human

It’s hard to miss the hype around AI tools online today. Just a few years ago, AI seemed mysterious and futuristic, straight out of a robot takeover movie. But now, artificial intelligence is making our world more accessible with tools for increasing efficiency and expanding communication. And when used for business, it’s actually making us more human.

Expand Creativity with AI Tools

OpenAI is the company behind two of the most popular AI tools today: the Dall-E image generator and ChatGPT, the text generator. By entering a short description, these tools can create dazzlingly real outputs beyond your own imagination. They source text and images from across the internet, learning with each new use to put out more accurate results. Tribe used the Dall-E generator to create our Christmas 2022 holiday card.

OpenAI’s tools have become so influential, Microsoft has announced they’re making a “multiyear, multibillion dollar investment” in the company. Forbes cites AI tools like ChatGPT as one of the top 5 technology trends in 2023.

These tools can replace some of the most mundane tasks. They can replace simple writing work, like repetitive housing listings on Zillow. Or they can provide a starting point for writers who are stuck on a brief. Letting an AI program build the groundwork for you can open up the door for higher-level creative thinking.

AI Improves Video Production Quality

There are many incredible AI tools already in use in the world of video production. If you’re working with low-resolution or blurry footage, AI can be used to improve video image clarity. Video captions can be generated in a matter of minutes using artificial speech-to-text programs. AI can even be used to create voiceovers—this feature is already all over TikTok.

These types of tools can potentially save clients thousands of dollars. AI tools can fix archival footage that would otherwise have to be reshot with costly extra days. Older images and videos can be adjusted to match the quality of newly shot footage. These tools save hours of manpower doing tedious manual work. AI has been especially influential in the world of animation.

Artificial intelligence is Making Business Video More Human

At first glance, utilizing AI tools might seem counterintuitive to making more human films. The publicly available artificial intelligence tools we use today are designed to expand creativity and simplify tasks.

We aren’t using AI to replace talented collaborators, and we aren’t using them day to day. But they allow us to do more of what makes a video human—to spend time and energy developing the unique story of each client. To worry less about the “how” and more about the “why.” To continue creating humanizing, authentic work with more efficiency and thoughtfulness.

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