How a Well-Executed Social Initiative Strengthens Your Brand

Social initiative campaigns are most productive when you reach the hearts of your audience. With an emotional hook, your audience will be moved to volunteer their time and resources, donate to your cause, and spread the word.

Video is the best medium for fostering connection while simultaneously encouraging action. In a short amount of time, you can convey essential information and build a crucial rapport. A carefully crafted narrative will pull in any crowd and push your social campaign closer to success.

If your campaign isn’t utilizing video yet, you’re missing one of the most effective tools.

Medical Organizations Connect with Testimonials

Medical and pharmaceutical organizations often undertake capital campaigns with real human-impact outcomes. Whether a new drug is being developed, a treatment is being brought to people, or new facilities are being introduced, these organizations need to convey how donors can change lives. The stakes for these campaigns are high.

Since people are more likely to give when they feel connected to the mission, these companies must reach right to the hearts of their audience. One of the best ways to do this is to include real peoples’ stories in your video.

Patient testimonials are a great way to illustrate the benefits of treatments. Interviewees can share firsthand stories of interactions with staff, use of the facilities, and how their lives have improved thanks to the organization.

Tribe created a video for Montefiore Medical Center’s annual gala event. This video needed to inspire joy, celebrate healing, and prove to donors that Montefiore’s world-class expertise and advanced level of care is truly changing lives.

While their medical expertise and state of the art treatment deserved attention, we knew that the stories that would inspire donations were closer to the heart. The casting process was therefore key. After speaking with the physicians and their patients, we focused on the relationships they forged as well as the respect and gratitude that developed during their care, knowing that those emotions would light up the screen and drive donors to support the mission.

Tap Into Universities’ Community for Support

Universities and academic institutions are often centered around one important factor: community. Each educational experience is a summation of the leadership, teachers, and support staff—and of course, the student body. Video is a clear winner for sharing human-to-human stories.

When it comes to academic fundraising, there a few key groups campaigns try to reach: students, parents, alumni, and the greater community. These groups want to understand not only how their gifts will improve the on-campus experience, but also how those improvements will help students make a difference in the world after graduation.

Any college fundraising campaign’s goal should be to strengthen their community’s pride for the school. Social initiative campaigns must show potential donors how their giving will benefit students in real, tangible ways. A scholarship fund could give students opportunities they may not have the financial support to achieve on their own. New facilities will ensure students have an up-to-date learning environment and necessary research equipment.

When we were approached by Scripps College to create a campaign video, we knew this small college could make a big impact on potential donors. The video featured here is a scripted manifesto for the campaign launch and boldly states the case for this California women’s college.

Increase Fundraising by Visualizing Results

Social initiatives of all kinds need support from their communities. Foundations can showcase how donors’ money or volunteered time would be put to work. No matter what an organization is fundraising for, their campaign needs to tell the right story the right way in order to convince donors to give.

Campaign videos that capture hearts are more likely to turn viewers into active participants.

And, after your goals have been reached, video can keep donors in the loop. Thank you videos are a great way to circle back. Keep up the communication to strengthen the community and keep them on board for your next social initiative project.

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