How to Effectively Communicate Your Company’s Environmental and Social Impact

As companies continue prioritizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, it’s become crucial to effectively communicate progress and impact to key stakeholders. Video is an engaging and compelling way to highlight your company’s ESG programs, share company values, and build trust in your brand.

Highlight Key Metrics and Milestones in ESG Video

When shaping up your ESG report, it’s important to share key metrics, data, and milestones that demonstrate the impact of your work. Not all of your data will be understandable in a report format.

For maximum impact, choose metrics and milestones that are meaningful and relevant to your key audiences. Share data on topics that are a priority for your industry and key stakeholders. Explain how the metrics were achieved and how they translate into real-world impact. Metrics and data provide transparency into your progress and help establish your company as a leader in measurable ESG impact.

The best way to sum up your ESG efforts is by pairing stories with measurable results to prove the effectiveness of your ESG programs. Video is an excellent medium for conveying information and evoking emotions simultaneously. Adding a storytelling element to your figures When done right, your ESG report video will be memorable, moving, and motivating.

Hess asked Tribe for help with a video that helped shape a positive public identity and put their core values on display. The core value of Integrity led us to a decommissioning project in the North Sean. We sent our camera crews out into the water to hear from Hess engineers. The work they were doing was not only important for Hess and fulfilling for its employees, but crucial for the safety of the oceans.

Authentic Storytelling

The most impactful ESG videos feature authentic storytelling. Showcase the employees working hard each day to reach your company’s ESG goals. Share their passion for the work and how it motivates them. Audiences will connect deeply with real people and stories.
Feature employees who are involved with green teams, community outreach programs, or other ESG initiatives. Ask them to share what they do, why they find the work meaningful, and how it makes them feel proud to work for your company. Customer stories are also powerful, such as profiling individuals who have benefitted from your community programs. When done well, ESG videos can inspire employees, attract top talent, engage investors, and motivate customers to action.

You might even include members of the community that are affected by your ESG programs. Capturing your ESG work in action demonstrates its real impact. And it brings those dry quarter- or year-end stats to life.

Looking Toward the Future

An effective ESG video will not only highlight current work but also lay out a vision for the future. Share your company’s long-term ESG goals and how you plan to achieve them. Highlight new initiatives ahead and the future impact you aim to generate.

Amneal is an excellent example of these traits put to work. This video Tribe created features their geothermal energy-powered building in Brookhaven, NY. Amneal’s corporate leaders share how the building is a cognizant effort to make a positive environmental impact on the local community.


ESG report videos are an ideal opportunity to bring leadership in front of the camera. They will be able to articulate your company’s unique goals and efforts directly to your most important stakeholders.

Whether you’re focusing on reducing waste, more energy efficiency, or increasing community benefit, give an honest update about all of your projects. A forward-looking, ambitious, yet achievable vision shared right from the mouths of your leadership is a great motivator for employees and reassurance for investors. With the right video, it will be clear that ESG is central to your company and integral to its long-term success.

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