Strike Up The Band – Choosing Music for Brand Films

We get teary-eyed when the violin strings sing and our hearts pound to the drums of a hero’s journey. Music has an incredible emotional impact over a scene, often unconsciously. Use music wisely in your corporate communications video to achieve the same emotional impact.

Sound is an Artistic Element

When Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation asked Tribe to capture the spirit, vision, and values that drive its success, we approached it from an artistic perspective. The story of Sumitomo’s four centuries of company culture was moving on its own. But to bring the viewer along for the journey, we married traditional Japanese paintbrush-style graphics with music that shifts in tone to highlight the narrator.

Music Enhances Emotion

Music evokes urgency, gravitas, caution, hope, and empathy. The right music can signal a mood shift when telling your corporation’s journey. Or it can built the excitement of good news. Use music to underpin your CEO’s important company merger message. Your music choice might be subtle or dramatic. When selected thoughtfully, music and sound effects are the delicate ribbon that tie together your video.

The Soundtrack Completes the Story

So, whether you strike up the whole band or just a few instruments, consider how you can incorporate a music track. It will help shape the emotion and tone of your story.

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