The Trick to Telling Timeless Stories

“An old trick well done is far better than a new trick with no effect.” – Christian Banach

Tribe Pictures hasn’t stayed open for three and a half decades by reinventing the wheel each time we get a new project, client, opportunity. While that’s not to say one of our main talents is producing truly unique, effective and disruptive videos for the corporate sector, there’s no reason to start from scratch every time. That may sound fun, it’s a waste of time and resources…and money.

Instead, we stand by a few tried and true principals—what Christian Banach refers to as “old tricks.” There is no one secret ingredient to filmmaking, but here’s what we make sure to throw into each project, no matter the scope or deadline.

Stories founded in values are timeless

Some of our earliest films look dated—that’s inevitable, since we were using technology that is now obsolete. But since we have always told company stories that are founded in their mission, values, and purpose, the message of these films feel as relevant now as they did back then.

Right after 9/11, we worked with Avaya to share the massive impact their technology and personnel had on the cleanup of the tragedy. When you watch this video, it will be immediately evident that the footage was shot in the early 2000s. But the message maintains its impact.

People-first storytelling wins audience trust

Companies are more than data, products, and services—companies are people. So whether you’re highlighting the achievements of the past year or announcing a new initiative, the people who are making that impact should be the ones to tell it.

We spend a lot of time carefully casting each video before we go out and shoot. We love to work with people who have been on the company journey and reflect its values. These are the storytellers that make your company come alive and feel like more than just a talking head in front of a nice background.

We worked with Intercept Pharmaceuticals on this marketing video, which highlights the ground-breaking work they’re doing in the pharmaceutical industry. Formatted in first-person-interview fashion, what could have been a sterile pharma video is more like a mini adventure documentary about a medical research team who are determined to make people’s lives better.

Combining new video tricks with trusted tools

All of this isn’t meant to discourage you from utilizing the new tricks they come along. In fact, Tribe prides itself on its advantageous use of new technology. We were one of the first to use Avid Media Composer editing software, and explore new camera toys like 360 video.

This is to say, it’s simple yet strategic to keep up with the latest technology in video production. It opens opportunities for new clients, new videography, and new ways to tell stories. At some point that latest technology will be old hat, but even still, a corporate film with a script based in meaning and authenticity will always retain its relevance.

When you combine your trusted storytelling methods with innovative filmmaking styles, the work you can produce becomes extraordinary. It’s one way to answer the question we often get, “Why is all corporate video so-so?” With the right creative strategies for production, corporate videos are anything but.

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