Video’s Secret Sauce

Video is distinct from the written or spoken word; the energy and rhythm of the audio-visual experience reaches human emotion in a way no other format can match. When you leverage the techniques of professional filmmaking for your video, you end up with a powerful piece. So what’s in that secret sauce that makes a video memorable, impactful, and entertaining?

Use Video to Show, Don’t Tell

At the heart of every great video is a great story. A journey told through a beginning, middle, and end. The best stories to tell through video are those that can “show, don’t tell.” Rather than just one on-screen narrator, invite other characters to tell the story. Give your viewers some context by setting the scene visually. Bring your story to life with people who can tell the story through their actions.

Shoot Footage for the Edit

While a one-camera setup can make great video, incorporate a few easy techniques to spice up your message. Tools like b-roll—alternative footage interwoven with speaking parts—can hep viewers see a human side of your message the goes beyond the word. The visual aspects, like location and dress, will influence a formal or casual feel. And a good editor will simmer down hours of footage until you’re left with just the essential idea.

Your Video’s Greatness is Unique

The way you put it all together all depends on the intent of the video. Video can inform, excite, apologize, or invite the viewers to consider a new perspective. The secret sauce for one video won’t have the same recipe as another.


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