You Don’t Need a Video

This might sound counter-intuitive coming from people who make videos for a living: No one needs a video.

What they need is a solution to a business or communications challenge. And that solution may involve video.

Making Video Worth its Return on Investment

Video is an effective medium that can capture the hearts of your audience in seconds. It can move your audience to give to your cause, buy your product, or buy into your message.

But video can be an expensive medium. It often requires creative problem solving, a whole crew, and an investment of time. If your goals aren’t clear, you can end up burning through your budget without ever solving the problem you set out to address.

There’s often a subtle but important difference between the kinds of business challenges that don’t or do require a video.

“I want something that we can post on our LinkedIn page.” A graphic, a photo, or a slideshow might deliver similar engagement numbers and cost significantly less.


“I want our LinkedIn followers, many of whom are investors, to buy into our latest ESG initiatives.” Let’s get the cameras rolling!

Videos Encourage Employees to Act

Chemicals company BASF approached Tribe with a request. They wanted to illustrate the comprehensive benefits package to employees.

The cheaper, quicker solution would have been to email out a list of “you@BASF” perks, including professional development courses, diversity and inclusion social and support groups, access to a world-class wine cellar in Germany—to name a few.

But text doesn’t convey just how these programs can change an employee’s life. BASF felt video would be the right medium to encourage employees to take advantage of their benefits.

Throughout a short series of videos, we captured the stories of real employees making positive change in their personal and professional lives. Each person shared how BASF’s benefits package helped them strengthen their community and how others could, too.

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