Upgrade Your Performance with Trusted Advisors

July 2nd, 2021 Tribe Pictures

When you’re preparing to go on camera, you’ll be thinking about what you’ll wear, how you’ll answer questions, whether you’ll be able to fit the shoot in between your other meetings. Your trusted advisor is there to figure out the less tangible stuff. By looking at your communications strategy from the outside in (or the clients’ perspective), trusted advisors know how to get you to make your message most effective.

Trusted Advisors Handle Pre-Video Preparation

Your trusted advisors give you the feedback you need. They keep their ears to the ground to inform you what people throughout your organization are talking about. They give you honest reviews of your performances and conduct followup on the effectiveness of your messages.

And if you’re not a natural on camera, a trusted advisor can be a reassuring friend to calm your nerves. Trusted advisors walk the line between a performance coach and a communications expert. They won’t let you mess up the key statistics or allow your anxious posture send a negative message.

Relationships Work When Built on Trust

Your trusted advisor understands not just what you’re communicating but how you do it best. Oftentimes, mentors can teach the “left brain” skills: presenting to a board of directors; managing a multi brand company; striking the right chord with investors. When your relationship is built on total trust, that advisor has a unique ability to tell you the real deal. They won’t butter you up and inflate your ego when your performance needs tweaking.

If you’re a CEO, you might find a trusted advisor in a great CCO. But no matter what your leadership level or the size of your organization, don’t underestimate the value of a communications person at your right hand.

Successful Executives Rely on Support & Feedback

In this episode of the Leadership in Focus podcast, some friends of mine share how they utilize a trusted team for performance support and feedback.