Connecting to Audiences with Corporate Recruiting Videos

Corporate recruiting videos are a powerful tool for attracting top talent. But creating a video that truly resonates with your target audience requires careful planning and execution.

Your Audience Dictates the Storytelling

The first step in any recruiting process is nailing down who it is you’ll need to hire. Understanding your audience will help you craft a video that speaks directly to their needs and desires.

  • What kind of employment or educational background will meet the position’s needs?
  • Which goals, values, and interests will align with your company’s mission?
  • How will their identities and experiences contribute to the unique culture of your corporation?

The answer to these questions will start to shape who your pool of candidates will be and where to find them.

Knowing your audience involves research and analysis. You’ll need to gather data about your target audience’s demographics, pain points, motivations, and where their job search takes place.

Now that you’ve figured out who your recruiting video audience is, next you’ll need to understand what kind of company story to tell.

Audio-Visual Storytelling is Impactful

People are naturally drawn to stories that engage them emotionally and intellectually. What they’re not drawn to is the standard list of facts and figures about any given corporation. So, you’ll need to dig deep into the heart of your corporation.

Some of the most impactful storytelling will come from your existing staff. You can share their success stories through video for applicants to see what your company is really like.

  • Are there any current employees that demonstrate your company’s mission and growth in their daily work?
  • How have your company’s benefits offerings or programs impacted the lives of your community?
  • What makes your company unique and how can you capture that in a tangible, emotional way?

A well-told story can help your audience understand why your organization is the right choice for them. Place your employees front and center, rather than your C-Suite. Their stories will be more relatable. Therefore, applicants and new hires will be able to connect to these stories. Ideally, if they see the same positive qualities in themselves, you’ll be attracting a well-fitting pool of applicants.

Video’s audio-visual elements are incredible tools for building emotion. For many, a recruiting video might be their first impression of the company—so you’ll want to hook them right away. From swelling, motivational music to beautiful b-roll of your office space to an encouraging voiceover, you’ll have so many tools at your fingertips for building connection.

Keep It Short and Sweet

While you may be tempted to fit all your ideas into one recruiting video, that can be overwhelming for the audience. It’s important to keep a recruiting video short and sweet. You don’t want to lose your audience before you’ve had a chance to make your pitch.

  • Aim for a video length of two to three minutes.
  • Focus on delivering a clear, concise message that speaks directly to your target audience.
  • Use graphics, animations, and other visual elements to highlight important information.

Creating a corporate recruiting video that truly connects with your audience requires a deep understanding of your target audience. When you understand who to tell your company story to and how you’ll do so, you’ll find the quality of your applicants exceeding expectations.

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