Digital Video’s Future in the Corporate Workspace

We live in a digital video world. Global culture has embraced video as the ultimate communications currency. 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI, and 86% of people want to see more video from brands. If your company hasn’t explored video as a corporate communications strategy yet, it’s time.

Collaborate Better with Hybrid Workspaces

Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of video platform Vidyard, knows firsthand how necessary video is. He tells Forbes, “asynchronous video communication is here and now, enabling teams to improve collaboration and engagement by showing instead of telling.” Digital video has enabled us to work more comfortably from home over the past year. And business leaders who use video to connect with their community are prepared for whatever challenges the world throws at us next.

Michael Litt’s analysis of a post-COVID world is blunt: “You will either have video and flexible work policies or you won’t and will suffer the consequences. The onus is on businesses to think hard about the future and develop sensible, hybrid work arrangements.”

Teleconferencing is Here to Stay

In the corporate world, remote employees have become reliant on digital video teleconferencing software. Video has also temporarily replaced in-person conventions and conferences. But this may become a more permanent swap. Virtual events are more cost effective than ever—and more highly attended. Attendance of events hosted on video has been up to 7 times higher than in-person attendance of previous years. And costs are up to 90% lower. Business2community has a great guide on how to maximize your virtual conference strategy.

If your company is able to keep up with digital video demands, you’ll be more than ready for the future. Listen to my short podcast episode on Culture and the Power of Video for more on the impact you can make in this digital video world.


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